My silly trip with Peabody - Day FIVE (part one) - not so long.

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DAY FIVE –part one

*As you will see in the previous installment of said trip (Day 3), I had to edit for content, because I had failed in my 1st installment to list day ONE as day ONE. I lumped in both the driving day and our FIRST day at CP as DAY ONE, so now I am editing. Sorry. :) That said, at least know I am anal enough to care, and that proves my idiocy, as I too am a coaster geek. Now.........on to the show!*

After we got our car turned around, and onto the correct street, and eventually the interstate, Jeff and I settled in to the day, planning our remaining itinerary on the fly, and talking through our budget. We took the right turn off (this time), and pulled into the parking lot for the lovely “underrated” SFKK. What struck me odd was that there were a tremendous amount of families, and students. I know there are senior skip days, and student trips, but come on! There were WAY too many families there, and it was getting warm. Too warm for 9:30 AM. Still, Jeff and I found a parking space 3 spaces from the front gate. Now THAT was weird. J

Show the pass. Get in free. Ah, to be a happy Season Pass owner. I tell you what. If you ever do this trip yourself, get that SF pass. It makes things a lot easier, and you don’t have to feel so bad about paying all that money for 1 day at some crappy 3rd world park. ;)

Considering the day ahead of us, and our desire to get everything out of the way immediately (no new credits, actually) so we could scram off to Holiday World, we trotted over to Chang, and got in line rather quickly. On the way, though, we spotted some enthusiasts, an older couple in particular (they might as well wear targets with their Coastergallery [read as geek] shirts on ;)), said hello, asked their names (RRC people… of course… or ACE people… even worse – j/k), then darted off to the Chang line. Well, amazement of amazements… Chang’s line was the slowest in the park. We started just off the stairs at the bottom of the loading platform, and it still took 35 minutes. Unbelievable. To top it off (somebody tell me this isn’t always like this), there was a bleed valve for the hydraulics, or some machinery operating Chang, right near the bottom of the stairs (kind of a down facing faucet) that every 5 minutes let out a burst that had to be in the 120 dB range. Talk about poor placement, and bad thinking. Sheesh. Scary loud, and stupid. Into the trains we loaded, finally settling for something up front (get on, get out. My motto), and away we went. Chang, as you know, isn’t maintained very well, but still ran the course well. It isn’t spectacular in its layout, but it wasn’t the worst B&M of the trip. Oh no. That honor fell squarely on B:KF at Sfwoa. Granted, that was another day behind us, and we should be grateful we were even there, but I digress. After the rattle fest that was Chang, and the need to continue to race through the park, we walked up to the queue entrance again, where we spotted that same older couple, but this time they were talking to another couple of enthusiasts who appeared to be a bit more modern thinking (they didn’t have stupid ass coaster shirts on), and younger, thereby beckoning me to say hello. It didn’t take long to find that they were Coasterbuzzers known as Frank (Sparky687) and Brian (Themedesigner). Great guys, and real sports, so we asked them to join the Matt and Ben posse (as Rob Bob calls us), and walk the park with us. They had already ridden T2, which neither Jeff nor I had any interest in riding ever again. I’ve had my share of hang and bangs. Pretty much all of ‘em bad, as most of you know yourselves. Our first stop? Thunder Fun… er. Run.

Thunder Run is one of those coaster anomalies. Nobody knows why it rocks so hard, or how it works so well when so many other similar rides (The Hurler.. pick a park) don’t. Not that I care, but TR is a great coaster, and the gem of SFKK. It’s a beauty, even when the restraints pop up mid ride! So on we go, getting our tails in the last car, and up the shortish hill we fly. Gladly, we tear off down the hill into that heavy, powerful sweeping turn to the left, and through the hills, hitting that super hard left hand lateral halfway through. I forgot all about that, but as it happened, Brian’s lapbar popped up, and didn’t lock down for the rest of the ride. It was pretty startling, as I’d never seen that before, but apparently it has, and the attendants didn’t even flinch when our train came to rest in the station, while Brian just silently pointed to the upright restraint. I guess we learned that day, that lapbars aren’t what hold you in, but the seat belt does the job. We’d learn another lesson the next day at SRM about lapbar/seatbelt safety that would change our lives.

Off to the Twisted Sisters/Twins, and we bump into Aaron (the webmaster of the Northwest Theme Park Guide and NWTPG on CB), finally shake hands, exchange pleasantries, and talk about that big ass water flume (ala PP) that is open, but not something I want to do. I know I should have now, but at the time, I just wanted to ride the stuff, take advantage of my season pass, get the new credits (whatwith the mouse, and Greez’d Lightnin’), and I didn’t want to get WET. My butt itches in the sun, as it is, and the stupid wet pants drive me nuts, especially in the car. I just didn’t want to get wet, OK? ;)

Next we met Brent (magnumforce) and his girlfriend, Jen. She’s a sweetie, and he’s not bad. ;) He was very excited, and hyper, but a lot of fun, and ready to go. Tim (Vacoasterfreak) was with them, and he was a fine fellow. Very funny, and sweet natured. They were all a huge pleasure to spend time with. We met one other fellow, who’s name I don’t recall, and sadly spent time with at SRM, but never really knew his name. Andre? He was dark skinned, that much I recall. In fact he was very muscular, and I thought it might be Playa, but I didn’t want to ask. Eventually, I asked him if he posted on Coasterbuzz, and he said, “what’s that?” It was then that I knew it wasn’t Playa. He would have put a big “Captain Obvious” stamp all over my ass if it were him.

Peabody, if you recall this fellow’s name, tell me, or add it in into your post, ok?

There is one other sticky memory moment here. That would be the introduction to Tina. I have to be very honest and say that I swear we met at this time, but I am afraid that I might be confusing the timing with later in the day at SRM? Regardless, Tina (Coasterqueen) is one fine, funny, nasty, naughty girl that deserves every moment of sun she can get. She has a wicked sense of humor, and I am glad that I can refer to her memory as “sticky.” ;) Now that we had met, it was time for a ride on the Twins.

Lola was running fine, as was Stella. Neither side offered me anything special, and the thing I have found, especially after riding Villain, is that CCI should have stopped while they were ahead, as I really don’t like the rides of any of their steel framed coasters (with the exception of Cornball, and that’s for another TR). They are quite rough, and unforgiving. I like the concept, but again, they just don’t work for me. If I recall correctly, I preferred the ride of Stella, although I can’t remember which is which anymore. Just refer to that recent talk about the sisters on another thread, and you’ll see my thinking on that day might very well differ from now. ;) We raced when we could. Admittedly, handslapped when we could (geek status on high now!), and now were done with the Sisters heading to the kiddie section of the park where the Intamin 2nd Gen drop awaited me.

I had never been on a 2nd Gen until this trip, and this day. I have to say that I was awestruck at the speed, and the intensity. They are definitely my favorites now, and are firmly seated there, as they maintain a level of insanity not built into the S&S towers I had previously been so fond of. Now, if only they could rocket up like the S&S towers. I’d be a happy dude. All in all, the Hellevator (isn’t that what it’s called?) was sweet as anything I’d ridden on the entire trip, and a nice break from the coaster doldrums. As we came off the ride, I saw Brian again, happy as he’d just purchased a bunch of Fast Passes. Sheesh! SFKK is cheap with the passes. I think he got 4 for $5? Considering I was to wait quite some time in line for the mouse, I guess I should have checked out the pricing. Still…. I had time. We had burned off the park pretty quick, and only had a few rides left to get.

Next to the mouse, Road Runner Express.

The line was long.
It was hot.
It was a mouse, and pretty swell, I might add. I don’t want to be that cynical. ;)

There was a nice family in line in front of us with a cute little girl who had never ridden one, and was very nervous, but excited. Watching her ride the rails was the best part of being in that hot line. We rode. We left. Half baked, and tired, with the sun burning my whited out (I have vitiligo) skin, but a credit was won by the one (myself, that is) who was whoring the day hard. Kaching!

Earlier in the day, while standing in line for Chang, we could see that a crew was working on GL. It hadn’t opened with the gate, and we figured they’d have to get her up and warm before the flywheel would drop. ;) Well, now after a few hours, and the crew nowhere to be seen, it was pretty apparent that we weren’t going to get it this trip. I swear I am glad I am NOT a credit hog, as I’d have been freaking with the TTD issue, then this. Still, I got TTD, and this wasn’t happening today. As Moosh says, well, you did get the credit. Just when it was at SFGam. Well, that’s true. 1987. Still, I like to say I “did the ride” everywhere. You know? ;) Like Flashback/Z Force at SFMM. I am so dorky that way, that if they moved Psyclone to SFOG (I have never been), I’d ride it there just to say I did, even if I loathe it like Satan himself.

The point is we didn’t get to ride Greez’d Viper Wave, and that sucks balls.

By now, our stomachs were calling us to the food court, but our wallets needed to stay a little heavier than said food courts would allow, so out of the park we scurried, driving off towards the interstate to hit the ever popular Wendy’s, go to Walmart to buy sunscreen (it was too late for that, I think), get some film (that I never used), a toothbrush, some deodorant ( you never know who you’ll meet ;)), and drop the kids off at the pool (like you needed to know). Let me tell you that things came off swimmingly.

If I forgot anyone, please tell me. I’d like to include the memory, if only I could have it triggered. ;) I will edit you in, if you let me know.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the day in my next installment. I know you can’t wait. *** Edited 1/7/2004 10:16:31 PM UTC by nasai*** *** Edited 1/7/2004 10:17:12 PM UTC by nasai***

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WOW! Rob, our location/experiences were almost the same! We also parked about 3 feet from the entrance (I know, very wierd) and pretty much took the same route (ah yes, the very POPPINGLY loud Chang!) And I thought it was just me that was distrubed by that.

Even though we were in the same proximity (and I am very surprised I didn't see you since SFKK isn't exactly huge) I didn't meet you or Peabody until later that evening at SRM right by the theatre. We were discussing how we "just missed" each other. I feel honored as your first memory of me being *sticky* though. ;-)


But then again MY memory could be confused, which isn't anything new, but I am pretty sure we didn't actually meet until later. Thanks for the compliments though. I am blushing....(not!) lol.

I noticed the Sisters, er, Twins were running as SWEET as ever! I have no idea why, as my last experience whith them were kinda rough.

The Hellevator? Ooooh yeah..........Inty drops are my fave, any generation.

Thunder Fun rocks hard indeed! I have done T2 once in my life, but had to do it again since I was with my Chicago buddy Ron, who was visiting SFKK for the first time.

Greezed Lighting (after they got it up and running) was sweet. That was my only credit to get at SFKK. I do remember meeting up with numerous other enthusiasts around that time....they all kinda congregated in front of GL waiting for it to open. Pretty good line too, but we didn't have to wait that long.

Damn that hot Kentucky


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See? I have to edit my TR now. Damn you Tina! ;)

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LOL! Naaa, it's the thought that counts. I *was* there, somewhere. LOL!


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coasterqueenTRN said:

Inty drops are my fave, any generation.

I have yet to meet an Intamin first gen that I liked. In fact, I think I'd rather ride Viper than Stuntman's freefall (GAdv.). In fact, I think I've been on Stuntman's once and Viper three or four times (I know, I know...each time I just wanted to see if it still sucked. And it did....every time).

The second gens are awesome and the only 3rd Gen I've been on (DZ at PKD) was spectacular, but 1st gen.?

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Hellevator is a cool second gen, just like Pittfall and Great America that is so freakin awesome that I forgot it's name. LOL!

Anyway, the first generation Inty's I still love. It depends on the person. You either hate 'em or love 'em. I am terrified of them but still go on them because of it. They are just so...old, so cranky, so mean and make all kinds of nasty noises.

The only "3rd generation" for me so far has been the Drop Zone at PKI, but I look forward to SFOG's version in a couple of months, and eventually PKD's.


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Giant Drop is the name of the tower at Great America.

When I first went to SFKK back in July, I looked at Hellavator and almost laughed at how short is was compared to Giant Drop.

However, Hellavator still was a good ride.

Rob. You are a credit whore. Just admit it. ;)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Tina, SFOG's third version-tilt is hella-painful, with the stupid leaning. You have to sit in the seat for about five minutes , leaning into the restraint, and it softens up your shoulders. Then oce the drop is finished you land...hard...on your shoulders, leaving and wondering if you even felt the drop.

Personally , I'd love to see the Tilting removed, as it might make it a decent ride if it were. In fact, the ride is such a waste of Time I'd rather ride Ninja once than it twice.

Now Freefall on the other hand is way better. I actually rank it above Drop Zone. The whole *contraption* is so hilariously funny that the whole ride is the best part. It has so many odd mechanics about it, with harsh stops and strange positions. The first Time I rode it, I was laughing(out loud) until I was halfway down the exit path. Being allowed to drop a penny made it twice as fun.:)

Not saying that the 3rd-gens are bad, DZ was great , but the Tilt ruined any sensation. *** Edited 1/7/2004 3:59:37 AM UTC by thepinkdoomofmonkeys***

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Enough about the Intamin drop towers. This TR is about me. (and Peabody.) ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

You made me come out of my self imposed posting hiatus Buddy. Albeit briefly.

Lord knows I am quite hyper ;)

Can't wait for the next installment, wild turkey, camfires, back rub, and exposing yourself. ;)


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Chitown said:

Giant Drop is the name of the tower at Great America.

When I first went to SFKK back in July, I looked at Hellavator and almost laughed at how short is was compared to Giant Drop.

However, Hellavator still was a good ride.

Rob. You are a credit whore. Just admit it.

Giant Drop! Thanks Chitown.

Anyway, yes Rob. I can't WAIT to hear about Little Big Rob...........:-) Looking forward to it!


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Oh...I thought it was Drop Zone... ;)

Gomen nasai....hai

Cool installment...can't wait to hear about the pink elephants. ;)

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I was at the park the first day of SRM as well and managed to rack up every available credit in the park within four hours.(Gotta love cheap fastpass). I was glad to ride Tidal Wave again. In this incarnation it gets a TON of hangtime in the loop on the reverse trip. I actually had to hold onto the restraint everytime going back through that loop.

I think everyone left that park at about the same time that day. I left right after getting one of the first rides on GL after it reopened. I remember seeing tons of enthusiasts with coaster bumper stickers and coaster related license plates driving along from Louisville to Santa Claus. I remember being passed by and passing this one car with "AIRTIME" plates from I think Ohio? almost all the way to Holiday World.

Certain victory.

Yup, the exodus began right after GL finally opened. I think Nugenster waited several hours for it that morning, and finally gave up and left. We ended up waiting about 10 minutes for it once it became operational. Oh, and Nasai, I think the other guy you're remembering was tim/Vacoasterfreak.

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I'm confused...the trip started on Day Three and then went to Day Five? What happened to Days One, Two, and Four?

Oh least it's entertaining ;)


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We heard that morning that it was going to be down for a while, but then we just happened to come upon the line to GL and said "What the heck". I think we waited about 15 mintues, then probably about 10 minutes when they opened the queue.

I saw a lot of people I knew, a lot of familiar faces, and probably a lot of people I talk to on here but didn't know them by face.

At SRM I met even more people I had never met before just by their name badges. A few I recognized by photos, etc. Some I already knew.

Well, Rob and Jeff were pretty obvious. Must of been Rob's hair, or those black jeans and T-shirt on that very hot evening.

What I thought was hilarious is when people started writing their "screen names" on their badges. Then it's like "Oh hey! So you are........!!"

Maybe for future events they should put our screen names underneath our real names just for the hell of it. :)


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Tina, I changed mine over to my SN, but by then it was dark, and nobody ever noticed. As for the clothing, I have to project an image, albeit a foolish one. ;) Don't you remember the glasses? LOL! I watched a video, and I said, "who the hell is THAT dork?"

Brian, I remember Tim very well, and yes he was there, so I should make sure I include him. I knew I forgot someone, but the other guy was very much African American, so that would rule Tim out. ;)

Moosh, I did ONE and TWO months ago, but included it as just ONE. Peabody did THREE, but we listed it as TWO. (I know, I know). Anyways, when I did the next one the other day, I saw that THREE wasn't "done" yet, so I labeled it as such, until I finally caught my mistake. Hence, this one is FIVE (which is actually correct), ok?


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I do remember the glasses, but every other person was wearing sunglasses I believe. Now I DO remember the trench coat (?) you were wearing at the dinner (the next evening that is). It was a bit chilly that evening. :-)

There were several people I would of never known if it wasn't for their screen names, like Gator. LOL!


*** Edited 1/7/2004 10:48:28 PM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

oh right, Tim's not black, is he? I forgot.

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Nay, golden one, he is not.

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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