My sentiments exactly...

Take a look at this picture. Notice the kid in the front seat. Not only does his Dad have a chokehold on him, but his expression is an exact representation of how I felt on my first ride on Voyage. It's priceless!



I actually took that pic and thought the same thing. I was taking 3 shot bursts at the time and in each of them the dad continued the headlock.

I found it amusing but didn't think that anyone else would spot it.

I don't always crop the shots down but when I'm processing them I like to zoom in on individual faces. The Voyage has produced some of the best expressions I've seen. :0

Great pic!

You know, after waaaaaay too many years of looking at/taking coaster pictures myself, I have found that they are only interesting if they capture people's reactions and expressions.



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I hope the headlock is to make sure the kid doesn't go flying out. I love when parents pull crap like that: "Don't worry, boy, if that restraint fails, I've still got you!"

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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It's more like, don't worry boy, if the restraint fails, I'll still have your head. ;)

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I think it's more like, "I love you and I'm glad you're sharing my hobby. It is something we'll always have in common."

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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It's more like "Damnit, Voyage made me piss my pants again, here I'll just wipe it on junior's shirt, he'll never know the difference."
1st trip: "Dad, hold me in"

2nd and all consecutive trips that follow: "Cut it out, Dad, people will think I'm a sissy..."


Dad: Smell the Magic Armpit, junior! Smell it!
Kid: (thinking) Where's the nearest BellTower and an M-16???)

Sort of reminds me of taking my kids for their first rides on CLP's Blue Streak. Pics like that are priceless.

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