My Second Day at Kings Island

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

With forcasted scattered rain fall, I didn't expect the lines to be bad. They weren't. The half hour early morning ERT was The Beast three times without getting out. It's going to stay number two on my rankings, but it's amazing. If they didn't trim brake the ride so much, it'd be the best ride on planet earth. Trim brake locations:

First lift hill drop

Second hill

Partially covered section after the second hill

Second lift drop

I could definately feel the trim brakes on every one, but I didn't mind the second lift drop because it made the helix less rough and more fun. The rest of them took of speed, but the ride still is my #2 wood and #2 coaster overall.

Next, I wanted to ride FoF, which was opening with the rest of the park at 10:00 am. It was starting to rain. FoF was closed, so being on the first train of Firehawk in the front was our alternative. I realized that Firehawk is the smoothest Vekoma I've ridden besides Rock'n Roller Coaster at Disney. It wasn't great, but it was fun.

Next, was the Drop Tower. It was my first wait of the day, one cycle. Then, Adventure Express, was next. It was a nice mine train. It had a nice length, and it uses the terrain nicely. I hope that this ride stays around for many more years.

Then, I checked on FoF, and it was still broken. Then, Vortex broke because the brakes had water flooded in them. (It was rain constantly now. There was no thunder.) So I rode the Beast twice in the painfully fun rain. It wasn't my favorite rain experience ever. (#1 Raven #2 Raging Bull #3 Beast #4 Intimidator #5 Voyage). It wasn't raining super hard, but I was still pelted.

Next we checked back at Vortex with no luck, but we had found that FoF was operating. By now it was 12:30, and we waited 45 minutes for FoF. It's indoors, so it was popular with the rainy weather lurking outside.

I like the theming with FoF. There are more lights in the queue area, and it's cool. If anyone knows what the video in line is about, please tell me. It was confusing. The ride itself was bumpy, but it was fun. This is the big dog of steel coasters because it is ruff. It might even be ruffer than Maverick. I don't think FoF would be as fun if it were outside. The indoors affect adds a lot.

Next I went back for two more Beast rides, a Diamondback ride, and a Stunt Coaster ride. It wasn't in that order, and all were about 15-25 minute waits. Diamondback was fun, but it still wasn't as good as Intimidator. Backlot Stunt Coaster gave me my only grey out of the 1.5 days. It was on the helix, which is more intense than it looks. Then we left at 2:30 because the nearby Golden Corral was three dollars cheaper if you entered before 4 o'clock. We ate there from 3:30 to 5 o'clock.

Rides ridden in the 1.5 days:

Beast: 13

Flight Deck: 5

FoF: 1

Diamondback: 3

Firehawk: 1

Drop Tower: 1

Train: 2

Effiel Tower: 1

Stunt Coaster: 2

Racer: 1

Adventure Express: 1

Breakers Bay: 1 (I don't know if this counts)

I rode 32 rides in 1.5 days, and think that's good because I wasn't super agressive, and I took breaks and rode everything I wanted to ride. I skipped Invertigo because though it is fun, it makes me sick. I didn't ride Vortex because the two times we were in line, it broke down. Delirium was the same reason as Inverigo, and the only water ride I rode was the wave pool. Thanks for reading!

So... You took breaks between the brakes?

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The video in the Flight of Fear queue is a leftover from when the ride was themed to the not-so-popular re-imagining of "The Outer Limits" TV show, from which the ride was loosely based on when it debuted. Each episode of the show was a different story, with new characters and new plots, much like "The Twilight Zone."

The video is about how Kings Island was housing a crashed UFO from Roswell, NM, and how they were allowing the public to view it. The government was against allowing the public to see the crashed UFO, because it was top secret, or something. The video was interesting in that it showed scenes of actual people waiting in line in real time. It included people waiting for the ride as characters (just extras, really) in the video, which I found to be very cool.

I knew about Outer Limits. It was a nice ride, and I forgot how good it was.

That vid's been running a long time. I wonder if that woman is making residuals?

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Probably not, and that's why it still plays to this day. It is probably essentially free entertainment. I mean, they got ride of Spongbob and Rugrats to save a buck.

I wish that FoF would have the rowed queue indoors instead of outdoors. It has a ten to fifteen minute wait from inside, but the outside queue is always full, leading to 1 hour waits generally.

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It's interesting that you compared FoF to Maverick in terms of roughness because it gets at how you define roughness. To me, FoF is legitimately rough in that it doesn't track well; the cars bang and shake their way around the course. Maverick, on the other hand, I wouldn't call rough because it rides butter smooth; it's just that it has quick changes in direction. That's not roughness, that's aggressiveness. You don't bang your head because the cars are jostling; you bang your head because the track whips you around.

You're probably right, but Maverick is quite unconfortable at times.

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Tyler Boes said:


As far as I can tell, Maverick seems to twist and contort just fine. ;)

Huh. Maybe uncomtortable is a real word, and spell check didn't catch it.

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Uncontortable and uncomfortable are both fine (although uncontortable seems pretty much a "stretch" to me). Most other options in this vein are probably unacceptable uses...

....except, of course, uncontrollable. We'll not get into that right now...

Uncomtortable was spelled wrong according to spell check now that I look at it. I think that Maverick is fun and uncomfortable.

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You know the best way to stop misspelling words?

Stop posting.

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Dang, you love the Beast...

My longest Beast obsession session was only three rides in a row. I had two of those. One during night, one during an ERT. I've never had an official marathon of it.

Again, like I've said before, it was my first big tone roller coaster. I road it when I was six, and it turned me into a coaster enthusiast. It has a place in my heart, and I've ridden it about 50 times in my life; which is the most for any non home park ride. It's my number two favorite coaster.

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I can say the same about Hershey's Fahrenheit. Although I've only ridden it once, and am not super crazy about it.

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