My Recent Six Flags Survey Had An Interesting Questions About Flash Passes

I would guess that quite a few of you are season pass holders for a Six Flags park and that from time to time you get sent surveys about your recent visits or for your opionions about future plans.

One recent survey asked several questions about possible seasonal flash passes.

One question was asking if I used one and another was about how much you would pay for one...etc.

They did not mention the tiers (regular, gold, platinum) etc. Just the overall idea of having one for the season.

I was wondering if any of you Coaster Buzz Folks have any thoughts about this.

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For my home park I would probably not pay more than $20 or $30 (which is obviously below even the price for a single day, lowest tier). I've ridden everything so many times and have the opportunity to ride everything so many times that it's the difference between getting 20 rides on something over the course of the season and, like, 23 rides. I also am with my kids most of the time, so I don't really need to cut many lines (they usually want to ride things that don't have big lines). Now if it was applicable chain-wide, I might consider it. One of the primary reasons I aborted my side trip to SFMM (during a 4-day at DL) was fear of going on a Saturday and needing to be there right at opening to ride anything with short lines.

I will say my overall line tolerance has plummeted from when I was in my early twenties. I will begrudgingly wait an hr. for the "new, big, bad ride" but only once. My kids, on the other hand, are willing to wait 45 minutes for a ferris wheel.

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Don't worry about the price. Knowing the way SF likes to give everything away, they'll eventually bundle with the season pass like they do with parking and the platinum pass.

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So to my park season pass, my parking season pass, my dining season pass, my shopping season pass and my go kart season pass, I'd be able to add a Flash season pass?

I don't know. Maybe once I can also buy a locker season pass, a games season pass, a Dippin' Dots season pass, an annoying people who want to take your picture at the entrance season pass and a beer season pass, I'll be interested....

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Interesting that you got this survey, as I didn't and I get a lot of surveys from Six Flags. Whether I would go for this would depend upon the cost and how many Six Flags parks I planned to visit in any given season. I wouldn't do it solely for my home park b/c I'm in the same boat as Andy in terms of having ridden everything and having many opportunities to ride. I skipped Nitro on my last visit b/c I wasn't willing to stand in line for an hour and 15 minutes but there will always be a next time. This season I probably won't go to any other Six Flags parks with the exception of SFNE and SFA. A Flash Pass will probably be necessary at SFNE but will not be at all necessary at SFA so unless Six Flags offered a really good deal, getting a seasonal Flash Pass wouldn't be cost-effective this season but in the future, who knows?


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