My personal coastermania - 6/8/08

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Getting to Coastermania was going to be too much of a hassle for me, so I decided to make my first trip to CP on Sunday.

I didn't expect to get in for the early perks ERT as I still had to process my Platinum Pass and the website indicated the Season Pass office wouldn't be open until 9 am. So imagine my surprise when I arrived at 8:30 am to find it opened. I was in and out in 5 minutes so had a good 20 minutes to wait before the morning ERT.

I opted for Maverick first and it was a good decision as the ONLY line of the day was for Maverick. I used the singles line and was satisfied when a couple of yougsters opted to try to beat the system by using the singles line and were thwarted when the entrance op asked for "two riders". They pushed forward only to be told "You are in the single rider line, so you will ride as single riders". Heheheh.

The fellow I rode with was very nice and we enjoyed our ride together on Maverick, so we stuck together and went to MF where the line wasn't even at the bottom of the ramp and then over to TTD where, again, the line was just at the bottom of the ramp. We got two rides on TTD before I went to meet with Kristin at the front gate drop off point.

We had a great Sunday brunch at Matt and Chets (or is is Chet and Matts?) before heading back to the park at 1 pm, expecting long lines considering it was sunny, although very hot and humid.

We were totally amazed to literally walk on almost every single coaster, including a walk on to the front row of Raptor, Blue Streak and the "money" seat in the back of Wicked Twister. MF and TTD lines were still no further back than the ramps leading to their respective stations. In fact, the only line we saw between 1 and 3 pm was the WWL building for Maverick was filled, although the outside queues were empty.

It was like our own personal Coastermania, except we didn't do any re-riding. By 3 pm, I was fully satisfied and decided to head home.

It was a most excellent day for my first CP trip of the season and I'm still amazed at how empty the park was for a beautiful Sunday.

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