My Pacific Northwest Trip: Part 1; Galaxyland 7/30

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 11:17 AM
My dad, sister, brother, and I arrived at the West Edmonton mall around 12 PM on July 30, 2003. After heading our separate ways, I walked past the mini putt course, submarine lake, cinema 8, World Water Park, Gourmet Food Court, Bourbon Street, fountains, the ice rink, another food court, and a whole lot of shops, before finally reaching my destination, Galaxyland.

The park has decent theming with multi-color rocks abound. The park seemed more oriented towards little kids though and, since I was alone, the park got old quickly with the small selection of adult rides.


Mindbender [+4] 8 rides I heard the accordion restraints were murderous but was pleased to find out they weren't so bad.... and I later found out they were new restraints. The first drop was excellent. Massive airtime down a curve to the left. After the 145 ft. plunge the ride traversed many tight turns, dives, and 3 vertical loops. The g's weren't as bad as i thought they'd be....until the 5th or 6th ride when my head started to ache. Other than that the ride was great....smooth and full of vertical g's.

Space Shot [+3] 6 rides After my experience with the Adventureland (Iowa) Space Shot, I wasn't expecting much out of this ride, especially airtime. Boy was I wrong. This version sends you up an extra time and is full of airtime. It's a shame they had to remove a 1st generation freefall for it though.

Autosled [-1] 1 ride This one I rode simply for the credit. It gets a -1 because of how odd I felt waiting in line with kids half my age. There isn't much to the ride....just a basic loop around the park though it does slide you around a bit.

Next stop: Playland
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