My Orlando Trip Feb 10-17 Universal and IOA

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I am a frequent reader on here, and I don't post too much but this trip was too good not to share. Especially being from Ohio, we left the eight degree weather to go to a blazing fifty plus degrees!

Universal Studios- The parks are celebrating Mardi Gras and the decorations and atmosphere there was just great! I was very pleased that Back to the Future was still opened and we got a chance to ride it. It's always fun but was a little rougher than I had remembered and it gave me a small headache. Men in Black had no wait at all and was more fun then I ever remembered it to be! I loved the spinning and shooting- so fun! Jaws was shut down for "improvements" most of the week but when it reopened it had a wait of over an hour. I remembered it to be good- but not good enough to wait that long when everything else was basically a walk on. Revenge of the Mummy was new to me, last time I was there King Kong was in that building and it seemed to lack something for me. Anyway, this coaster was amazing, imo. I don't want to spoil anything but it had some great surprises! While the second half was more thrilling, it was too short and I enjoyed the first half a lot more. This ride is without a doubt the best ride in the park! The que also had some fun surprises in it! We also did ET, which is very unique, Earthquake, it's just OK to me, and Terminator 3-D, which was a lot better than I remembered- really fun!

Islands of Adventure- This was the reason I wanted to go to Orlando. My boyfriend and I frequent Cedar Point and he has never been down there. While CP is still our favorite<3, he admitted that this park is amazing and a completely new and different park experience! I took him over to the Hulk first. We had about a five minute wait for the front seat. This is my favorite B&M coaster because it never seems to end and is exciting all the way through, but my boyfriend still likes Raptor better. On to Spiderman next, what can I say about this ride to do it justice? It is unquestionably the best dark ride ever! I don't even like the Spiderman movies or comic books, but the ride is out of this world! A+! While the sixty degree weather was really warm for us, it was still too chilly for us to do Ripsaw Falls or Jurassic Park. We stopped at the Watering Hole in the Jurassic Park area and got to know the bartender there quite well that week! It was a nice place to stop before hopping on Dueling Dragons. We did Ice first and the best part is thinking you're going to kick the wall. Next Fire, I like this one better out of the two. I didn't remember these coasters being so short, but they're still a great ride and different in the fact that there are some near misses with the other train. It's a tad bit different from the "dueling" Gemini, haha!

I dont want to bore you guys with every detail so if have have any questions let me know and I will gladly share more with you.

Oh yeah, I did have to stop at Margaritaville to try a margarita and it was very good but the best place to eat is at Bob Marleys. The atmosphere was really laid back and the food is awesome! If you like spicy food you'll love it!

We spent Valentines Day at EPCOT and I of course had to check out Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom so look for my other post to hear all about it.

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mAVERIC_07 said:
It's a tad bit different from the "dueling" Gemini, haha!
This is because Gemini is a racing coaster, not dueling.

Also, I think you really missed out on Jurassic Park. I simply love the ride, but maybe it's because the movies are some of my favorites of all time. I just think you'd enjoy it since you seem to have almost identical opinions about every other ride in the parks as I do. Maybe next time?

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Wow I was in Orlando the same week and I'm also from Ohio. I also visted USF, IOA, MGM, and Sea World. Small World huh?

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