My Orlando Trip Feb 10-17 EPCOT and Animal Kingdom

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Well, I haven't been to Walt Disney world since 2002 and my boyfriend has never been there. We got a two day pass and I picked Animal Kingdom so I could check out Expedition Everest and he picked EPCOT because of the World Showcase. We went to EPCOT on Valentines Day and the park was pretty crowded and very warm, sunny and it had to get up into the seventies that day, we were sweating!

EPCOT- We arrived around 9am at open and went right to the Test Track, had about a fifteen minute wait. It was pretty fun, the fast part that took you outside was a nice way to wake up in the morning! Next we did Mission Space, about a twenty minute wait. I know this is one of the more popular rides so we decided to wait for it and get Fast Passes for Soarin. Mission Space was really good, the G's on the ride were really intense and this was probably my favorite ride at the park. We then went over to get our fast passes for Soarin and decided to watch the Honey I Shrunk the Audience show. I had seen it before but I always get a kick out of seeing other people screaming from the mice. It was a good way to get out of the sun for a bit and sit down. The World Showcase was opening up and we decided to take a quick walk through it before going back to Soarin. Even with the fast passes, it was still about a fifteen minute wait. I had watched a special on TLC or something about how they made this ride so I knew how it worked but the visuals were really good. You really could feel the wind through your hair and it was my second favorite ride next to Mission Space. We walked over the the Nemo and the Living Seas, while I could've done without the little Nemo ride at the beginning, I love the animals inside the building. My boyfriend is unpatient with that kind of stuff so we didn't spend as much time in there as I would've liked to, but it is still so beautiful to watch the animals. Next was time to venture uo for Spaceship Earth. I was really hoping this would've been updated since I had ridden it before, but from what I could tell it hasn't been updated for awhile. I think I just heard somewhere though that Seimens is now doing some type of update to add some of their products to it. Hopefully that will spruce it up a little, imo this ride needs a lot of help. We did some of the inside things up towards the front for awhile and found a nice building that had free samples of different soft drinks from around the world. I thought this was really nice. How often do you find anything free at Disney? It took a few samples, but finally we found some that tasted pretty good! It was probably around four o'clock so we decided to wait to meet Mickey (since my boyfriend has never met him) and then called it a day for Future World. We had decided to have our Valentines Day dinner in Italy, and my goodness that restaraunt was amazingly good. The lobster bisque was the best I have ever tasted! I really wanted to stay for the Illumimnations show at nine, so the rest of the evening was spent shopping at all of the different countries until then. The show was great! One of the best displays I've ever seen! It was a great day!

The worst thing that happened all trip was when we got back to the car that evening. The day before we had gone to a steakhouse for lunch and had steak a baked potato with sour cream and broccoli left over- well we had forgotten it was still in the backseat of the rental car and after it being so warm that day- we almost threw up when we opened the car door!

Animal Kingdom- This was a short day but still fun. I really just wanted to check out Expedition Everest, but we ended up wandering over to Dinosaur first. It's a really fun ride and some of those dinosaurs just seem to pop out of no where and surprise you! Great ride, a little bumpy, but I know it's supposed to be that way. We went over and got a fast pass for Expedition Everest and hopped in line so we could get a couple of quick rides. Even without the fast pass it was only about a fourty min wait. Which I didn't think was that bad. There was a lot of things to look at in the que. Which I think Disney always does a decent job at. The one thing I don't like is the line cutting at Disney. I'm just gonna leave it at that so I don't start ranting and rambling on about it. Anyway, we waited for the front seat and I am glad we did. The first "surprise" that you some to in the ride was really fun and shocking in the front seat! I don't want to ruin anything for the people who haven't ridden it yet, but it was really fun. Definatly better than Big Thunder Mountain, but I still think it's a toss up between this one and Rock n Roller Coaster for best coaster at WDW.

All in all it was a great trip! Orlando is in no Cedar Point, but it was a really good way to spend a week during the off season and I plan on making it a yearly thing possibly trying Busch Gardens next winter.

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