My next trip to FL.... seeking advice from Georgia residents!!!

Hi guys!

Quick bit of info - i'm in the UK.

It's been far too long since i've been on any 'new' coasters to indulge myself on, i'm hitting up Alton Towers for thirteen in June but that's about it this year....

Next year (or 2012, finance depending) i'm going to go back to FL for 3 weeks as i have done every couple of years, but really want some decent different coasters

So, this is my plan, comments and suggestions welcome!

Fly into Atlanta, GA, pick up hire car, drive to booked hotel in Austell.

Hit SFOG the next day, then drive halfway to Valdosta and check in to a motel/hotel when i get tired of driving in the evening.

Complete the drive in the morning and go straight to Wild Adventures. After drive towards the east coast, stop overnight, maybe next day Okefenokee if we feel we want an extra day to chill, otherwise complete the drive via St Augustine or Daytona (for the beaches) down to Orlando.

We do all the parks in FL within 11 days normally anyway so a few out at the start of the holiday for something different would be a welcome change!

I think the only downside is the flight cost - do i book a return flight and have to do the eight hour drive from orlando to atlanta at the end of the trip or swallow the cost of singles and have the 'luxury' of flying back to the UK from orlando... I've already spoken to a car rental place about driving across states and dropping off at a different location so that's all good :)

Thoughts welcome!


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