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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 4:29 PM
This weekend, Sept. 13-14, my family and I took my "birthday trip" up to Massachusetts to ride the #1 steel coaster in the world. We woke early on Saturday morning (I live in PA, about 4 hours from SFNE) and headed to our hotel. We checked in at about 11:45 and then took off to the park. We arrived at about 12:00. I was defiately unimpressed with the entrance and gravel parking lot we were in, but I was excited to enter the park. The day was kinda dreary, overcast but warm. I thought it was the perfect amusement park day. The park was mildly crowded my my family and I really did not intend to spend the day in lines, so we blew $60 for 3 people on a gold Q-Bot, and that was easily the best 60 bucks I have ever spent in a park!! The bot got us on every coaster with out any waiting at all. I was in heaven! I made a dash to the back of park to ride what I came for......Superman! Now, I had very high expectations for this ride, I mean it being the number one steel in the world. The first impression was nothing spectacular it appeared unkempt and I guess dirty. I scanned my bot and walked to the station. The workers in the station were unbeliveably slow, and the guy made us stand behind that stupid red line or he wouldnt let the train leave I was getting really annoyed. I made it the front and was next train I was pumped! Now this is where I got extremely annoyed! The guy in the train in the front of us had a camera, and they had to stop the train half way up the lift hill, then take 20 minutes putting on a harness, climb all the way up just to get the camera. I mean, Ive seen plenty of people bring cameras and cell phones on coasters, what the big fuss?? I guess I could understand SFNE was just trying to be precautious, but I was still annoyed. Finally I made it into the car, front seat. The first drop was nice, but I loved all the air time the coaster provided even in the front. I loved the tinnels, the setting with the river, the view.....everything came together to make the ride a totally unique expeirience and I loved it!! The only thing the bothered me a bit about it was that it seeked rattly, and not as smooth as Millenium .....maybe thats was just me. Anyway, it was and unbelievable ride, lots of twists turns, air time, good drops......a perfect 10!! Other than Superman, I was really not impressed with the park. It was much more dirty than GADV, but it had a nice collection of coasters. Batman: DK was short and sweet, had some cool elements but wasnt real intense. Mind Eraser was nice, a little jerky, but had some cool leg choppers.Thunderbolt had some nice surprises, being an old coaster and all. Cyclone seeked to be not very well kept, but overall was a fun ride.Flashback was unimressing, but fit in nicely to the park Poison Ivy was about the as intense the kiddy coasters go, and was pretty fun. Overall, the park was a good time with a great line up of coasters and some unique flats.

Superman: Perfect 10!

Cyclone: Nice woodie, but seemed to be kind of "let go"-8

Flashback: Not impressive-5

Thunderbolt- Some nice surprises and airtime. Big dosent always mean better!- 8.5

Batman: DK- Short and sweet. . . smooth, and not real intense. I would have exspected more from B&M. It looked cool though!-8.25

Mind Eraser-Fun, but jerky-7.75

Poison Ivy- Cream of the crop of kiddie coasters-5

Post back more with my trip to Lake Compounce, and next weekend with Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion...until then, later!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003 7:38 PM
eightdotthree's avatar i noticed that about superman as well, and on sfdl's as well. neither were nearly as smooth as mf.

I cant figure out if its the track, older or poorly maintained trains or what. still a great ride.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 8:58 PM
They all seem pretty smooth to me...

I think we are all spoiled by smoothness. If we ride a coaster that is exceptionally smooth, then all others seem to be rough. That "smooth as glass" feeling is the exception, not the rule. It is impossible to keep a coaster smooth forever, age will catch up with it.

It's sad that it's almost necessary to get a Q-Bot to enjoy SFNE. The lines are horrid, and it doesn't help that the 2 train op(sometimes 1) on SROS is limited even more by the fact that those middle rows are roped off. During my visit there this year, I got on 3 rides in 5 1/2 hours....not too good

Thursday, September 18, 2003 1:26 PM
rentzy17, you aren't alone. I also hated Cyclone when I rode it last year.
Thursday, September 18, 2003 1:36 PM
I also hate Cyclone.

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball

Thursday, September 18, 2003 7:21 PM
I dunno. A ride in the back seat of the Cyclone will get you off work for a few days with a compressed spine.

I like it the front, however.

Without the chaindog, you'd never get up the lifthill...

Wednesday, October 8, 2003 10:13 PM
Ever hear of paragraphs?

Regardless, I agree with your scores for the rides. Although Cyclone still has a place in my heart because I rode it when it still had the Morgan trains and you got off the ride with bloody bruises. :)

and also, if you didn't ride the flats at SFNE you missed half the park - they have the best collection of flats outside of SFGAdv.


S:ROS; SFNE. Ride it, and you'll understand.


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