My Knoebels Adventure 7/25/2007

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Left the house about 9am and arrived at 11:30am. I had been to Knoebels once before for like an hour so today was the day I got to explore the whole park.

Bought out all day pass with coasters for $34.95.

1st stop was Paratrooper. Decent spin ride and goes higher and faster then it looked.

Dropped $2.80 for 2 tickets to the Haunted House. It looks so cool to begin with. Totally awesome ride. My lady friend had her eyes closed the whole time. I loved it very different and very cool!! A+

Next we did the Super Slide. I was way to big for it but went super fast. It was a fun and a must ride once.

Bumper Cars looked cool and I heard they were a must ride. I was totally impressed. They are top notch and pack a punch. The Best Bumper Cars in the world!! Don't go to KNoebels and miss them. They are so GOOD!! A+

High Speed Thrill coaster motioned us over for a ride. It was ehhh. Fun but after 3 passes I was kind of ready for it to end.

Next was the Pioneer Train ride. The one that goes through the Twister Roller coaster. This was super neat. The Seats weren't to comfy but it was a fun little 10 minute ride. I really enjoyed it and got a bunch great shots of Twister. This is a must ride so take the time out to ride it.

We dropped the $6 and rode the Sky Ride (ski lift). Though it was nice and a good view $6 for two people was little step.

Next we rode Twister. This was my second ride on this coaster. The last was 3 years ago. We rode second row with a 2 train wait. This coaster is a decent ride. A little to fast for its own good. Anyone think some trim breaks would help this ride a bit? B

Next we were off to Phoenix. I love this coaster. Its pretty smooth and full of Air TIME!! 3 train wait for first row. Even my girlfriend loved this and she not a big coaster person. A+

WE checked out the Miners and KNoebels History Museum. I love the History Museum. It was neat to see all the photos and time frame. This is a must see so make time to see it. They also had a ton of photos of the floods of 2006. I give the park major credit for fixing it so fast. You can't even tell they had floods.

We also checked out the Carousel Museum. Some neat horses in there. I bought a really cool tin sign that has Dodgem Bumper Cars.

We then rode the Old Smokey Train. Not near as good as the Pioneer train but worth a shot if you have time.

Lunch we had the 3 Amigos at the International Food Court. $7 for 1 taco, 1 burrito, 1 casadea, and a Large Soda. Not bad at all. We also had 2 pickles on a stick and a few sodas through out the day.

We hit Twister and Phoenix one more time and hit the road.

Overall I was super impressed and would take KNoebels over any Six Flags park any day!! I was totally blown away and wish I could spend more time. From the unique rides and food choices its a serious contender on my top 3 favorite parks. The park was clean and well kept and the employees were super nice. The only down fall was the rude people who would just light up a cigg anywhere.

Flying Turns has some ways to go buy maybe mid to late August.

Thanks for reading my trip report and to everyone who gave me info and advice on the park.

Tune into tomorrow for Six Flags New England trip report. *** Edited 7/26/2007 2:52:12 AM UTC by Crashmando***


"Anyone think some trim breaks would help this ride a bit?"

Noooooo! No trims necessary anywhere on Twister. The only wicked part is the jerk into the helix after the second drop and the helix itself. Yes, it is very forceful, but still not SOB or Hercules painful. Other than that, the pacing is great!

I agree with the $3 for the Skyride being a little much, but people still pay it, so apparently the GP thinks its ok. I would much rather use my $3 to ride the XD theater.

Glad to hear you had a great time. I was at Knoebels again today to see the Mahoney Brothers, and the park was decently full for a Wednesday night! Great trip report. Have fun at SFNE!


How come you didn't ride the flyers, log flume or the carousel to catch the brass rings? It is definitely a top notch park its #2 on my list, I can't wait to go next month and i am hoping FT is open by then. Have fun at SFNE make sure you hit SROS early if you don't get a flashpass as they are only running 1 train.
Sounds like fun, but there are tons of rides you passed up, unless you didn't have the time. I don't think $3 is THAT much for the Skyride, When I was at Dorney I think the Swing Shot was some $7 per person. *** Edited 7/26/2007 6:05:26 AM UTC by P18***
there was a few rides we wanted to do but the lines were a little long.

Carousel was a mad house. The Flyer looked cool but my gf wasn't digging it. I really wanted to ride the Looper but she didn't seem to interested. People were getting soaked on the FLume from the blast sprayers at the end. We didn't bring a change of cloth and had a 3 hour drive home.

We are talking about camping next year and spending 2 days there. We are gonna bring out daughter who will be almost 3 this time next year to enjoy it with us.


I was at Knoebels yesterday also. We didn't get wet on the log flume, just a few little sprays which is fine. I hate getting soaked in my regular clothes.

We had a blast as always. We rode the Flyers and took our son who is five on for the first time, he loved them!

Great report but....please, no trims on Twister!!!!!!!!!

^ You didn't get wet because I wasn't on the viewing deck armed with a few quarters. ;) Seriously, one time I think my uncles dropped around 5 bucks to operate those geysers spraying people they didn't even know.

BTW, don't fret about getting wet. Just ride early to mid afternoon to give yourselves time to dry in the sun. And there's always the hand dryers in the restrooms (spoken from experience).

Glad all of you had a great time there.

^I was going to say, if you give yourself time in the sun there should be no worry. Those geysers must churn in some change though, I always see people dropping a few bucks there (me being on of them lol)
Anyone wanting trims on any coaster looses a bit of credibility with me.

However thanks for your report and your entitled to your opinion.


The only thing that Twister needs is the turn into the helix to be smoothed out a little, but I have no idea whether there's room to do that. They did tweak the turn out of the helix last winter, and I think it helped that spot.

Not gonna run through the math, but I imagine you probably coulda bought tickets instead of wristbands, and saved 50% each. Oh well, glad you had a good time. I'm counting down the days til PPP.
Those coin op geysers are a fat pain in the arse. My favorite log flume ride is the one at Waldameer, with the cool tunnel and sound of thunder inside, and I think the only down side to it is the coin op hosedown at the end. I expect to get somewhat wet on them , of course, but can certainly do without the dousing that the geysers provide.

Total drenchers like Skloosh and Pgh Plunge are on my things not to do list.

Every time I've been at Knoebels, the geysers really didn't hit the logs that much. And no, I don't want to get soaked either. Has it changed?

It depends on the timing of the person "operating" it, Jim. You have to anticipate where the log will be when you drop the quarter in the slot. It takes about 2 seconds after you put in the money for the geyser to shoot. A lot of people are too early or too late. You also have to take the wind direction into account.

It's a regular science. :) BTW, cars full of teenage girls make the best targets.

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I agree, I think you would have spent a lot less just using tickets. (which are sold at a %10 discount on weekdays).

I'll have to explore the coin op geysers on my nest visit. I never gave much thought to the randomness of the geysers.

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Mmmmmmmm casadeas. ;)

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
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I need remedial Spanglish.... :)

"La lingua remedial".... ;)

Would they be similar to them there quesadillas? :)

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