My Intimidator 305 thoughts

This is the coaster I have been waiting for at KD my entire life. If
I could only use one word to describe the coaster, it would be
"relentless"... I have had one coaster hold my #1 steel coaster spot
for 13 years, that is the West Edmonton Mall Mindbender (which is
known for its intensity). Intimidator 305 is the first coaster that I
ever even considered to replace the Mindbender as my #1 steel. Well,
after 65 rides over the last 4 days I can finally say that it is
indeed my new number 1 steel. This ride simply has everything "I"
like in a roller coaster. It has a tall lift with a HUGE first drop
at a steep angle. It has extreme speed, and more importantly, it
maintains that speed throughout its course. It has nice G forces,
both positive and negative, as well as great laterals and
transitions. I also require lots of changes of direction and
Intimidator 305 certainly has lots of that. I like my coasters
aggressive and intense, and once again I will use the word
You will gray out slightly at the bottom of the first drop, actually
it starts about halfway through the first U-turn and maintains it to
the top of the 2nd hill. Once at the top of the 2nd hill you are
launched up for some of the most intense and longest airtime one could
want. After the 2nd drop the ride actually gets more intense with
high speed turns and transition S curves. The one trim brake actually
turns ejection air into a nice long floater airtime moment. I also
feel the trim is needed, as the last transition could be brutal if the
train wasn't slowed slightly. You will feel the brake, but it doesn't
"kill" the ride at all.
Now for the touchy subject, the restraints. I will start off by
saying I honestly believe this coaster NEEDS those style restraints,
this thing is powerful and full of forces the other Intamin mega/giga
coasters don't have. After 65 rides, I can say the restaints are
comfy for me. I personally don't like the other style trains from
Intamin found on the Supermen and M. Force coasters. I think those
other harnesses hurt slightly and they kill my legs with that bar on
the bottom. These restraints leave my legs with plenty of room and I
love that... I am about 6 feet tall and my shoulders sit about 3 or 4
inches UNDER the shoulder restraints, they do make contact on two of
the airtime hills slightly. They also have a nice padded lip where
the harness could touch your head or neck area. These restraints also
let larger people ride, I have not seen anyone not be able to ride
yet. Those other style trains and restraints are a bit tight for
larger people and many more are turned away. This does affect smaller
people waiting in line, the more people that get bumped from a ride,
the more slowly the line moves... The more that fit and ride, the
faster the line moves. And so far I-305 lines move fast. With 2
trains, a full queue and up to the entrance area of the new themed
area is only about a 35 min. wait.
There is also a single rider line, which in the summer may be nice if
you are wanting to snag a few rides fast.
I personally think this is the perfect steel coaster. I know opinions
vary, but I like them intense. I want to know I "rode" something when
I come back to the station, and this delivers. I don't believe there
is another coaster out there just like this one. When riding B&M
hypers, I feel like "Been there, done that", but with this, it feels
I waited until after four days straight of riding to post, I wanted to
make sure of my feelings. I didnt want to post just because I was
excited about the ride and the hype. I wanted to make sure I REALLY
loved this thing as much as I do, and after many rides and a few days
to think about it, I really do love it and have a new #1 steel
coaster. Hats off to KD and to Intamin, great job guys!

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN

Nice to meet you guys last weekend! You brought out my inner nerd again...*sob* Thank you! :) --Brett and Scot, the people behind you for Volcano's first ride!

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I think that Intimidator 305 is way better than Superman Ride Of Steel at SFA. SROS was on the top of my top Steel Coaster. Before Intimidator 305 came along. If you have not been to KD this season and rode Intimidator 305. You just got to ride it. Your going to love it.

Rail Junkie

^ No reason to rush up there after the May 21 brakes were added. 79.5 mph i305 is a huge huge letdown compared to the 94mph i305 that was basically the world's most intense coaster.

R.I.P. i305. April - May 21 2010.

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RIP? Really? It's a roller coaster, not Gary Coleman.

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RollrCoastrCrazy said:
^ No reason to rush up there after the May 21 brakes were added. 79.5 mph i305 is a huge huge letdown compared to the 94mph i305 that was basically the world's most intense coaster.

R.I.P. i305. April - May 21 2010.

Your post takes me back to the original days of Cedar Point and Magnum XL 200. It was a great ride the first year, until they braked the crap out of it. The return trip after the pretzel turn, was smooth, and very fast, there was so much air on the speed bumps you had to hold down the front of your shirt to keep it from smacking you in the face! My friend had a roll of lifesavers in his shirt pocket when he got on the ride, and when the ride ended it was gone.

I think Shivering Timbers is the only coaster I know that has yet to be tamed.

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