My First Trip to CP 7/11-7/12

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I finally got to go to Cedar Point and ride some of the best rollercoasters in the world. I was also living a Coaster enthuisasts dream because I got to Fly to Cedar point in my uncles private airplane out of Syracuse,NY. A 3 hour flight, which is about a 10 hour drive but enough of that, on to the Coasters.

Wicked Twister-9/10- GREAT RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ride took my breath away. The launch is great but the spiraling up the back tower vertically in reverse is the best part of the ride. Make sure you sit as close to the front or back as possible because you will spiral up the towers higher.

Millenium Force-8/10-Very good ride, The 300 ft drop is awesome!!! But thats it, the rest of the ride is all turns and overbanked turns. Yes there are a few more hills which produce airtime but not many. Definately ride as close to the front as possible as you will get a better view but you will also get more airtime.

Magnum xl 200-9/10-another great ride, the airtime is awesome, the tunnels are awsome, heck the whole ride is awsome.When you ride the magnum ride ethier in the front seat or in the first car in the third row, the airtime is the greatest in these seats.

Mean Streak-4/10- This ride SUCKED!!!! There were trim brakes everywhere, on the first drop on some of the hills , EVERYWHERE. The ride was also quite rough and there was no airtime anywhere. This ride would be mouch better if the trims were taken off and the ride was retracked.

Mantis-6/10- Good ride, The hangtime in the loops is awsome. The thing that detracts from the ride is the small amout of headbanging which occurs near the end of the ride.

Raptor-7/10- Really good ride, The pacing of the inversions is nice it just felt like something was missing like an immelman or something. It's just probably me i'm very weird you know.

Corkscrew-6/10- This is the most intense arrow looper I have ever ridden!!! The airtime on the dip after the first drop is the most forceful airtime that I have ever experienced!! The ride is also pretty smooth.

Gemini- 7/10- This is one of the oldest coasters that I have ridden that is still extremely smooth. Theres little airtime but the racing is fun.

Didn't get a chance to ride the other rollercoasters due to our limited amount of time at the park.


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NIce TR. Glad you had fun!

-Sean Newman
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I agree with you on all your opinions, EXCEPT Raptor. Raptor was a great coaster, better than B:tr, but not as good as Alpe or Montu.

How much more floorless can they get?

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