My first trip to Cedar Point.....

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center My first trip to Cedar Point /center

The trip started by me(15), my mom (age classified) , and my sister(12) getting in the mini van and hitting the road to my grandparents house that live in Missouri, around the boot hill. My grandparents have a big 36 foot RV that we like that travel in every now in then. So, we leave the house (in Memphis, TN) around 9:30 AM on Saturday the 27th and we got to my grandparents house around 11. So, we get up there and we start packing the RV with food, clothes, whatever we could. So, I get to bed around 12 that night, and wake up about 6 in the morning and the RV is ready to hit the road. So, everybody gets in the RV and my grand-dad takes the wheel and we hit the road. From where my grandparents live to Sandusky, Ohio it’s about 10 or 11 hours non-stop, but since we did stop Saturday night it took us 2 days to get there. So, we get to the place where we are staying Saturday night. It’s a KOA campground right outside of Dayton, Ohio.

center KOA CAMPGROUND /center

Very nice place to stay. Nice and clean, plenty of space, swimming pool and basketball courts. You couldn’t ask for more. So, we stayed there for the night and woke up around 10 that morning and we hit the road again.

While on the road up there we make the usual stops for gas, food, whatever else you need. Then we stopped at the Meijer for the tickets. If nobody would have told me about this then I would have never known about it. So thanks to anybody that told me about that. Anyways, we get up to Bay Shore Campground around 1 or so. We check in and go pull into our spot. Bay Shore Campground is a nice campground, but every once in a while a nice, loud train comes rolling through to say hello in the middle of the night.

So, we are about a mile away from Cedar Point and I just can’t wait to get up there. We all wake up and eat some breakfast in the RV. Then, at about 9:30 AM, the shuttle comes and picks us up and takes us to Cedar Point. The shuttle was a nice thing because all you had to do if you wanted to leave the park was give them a call and they would be by to pick you up. Now, while on the shuttle to CP I could hardly stay in my seat. I wanted to see as much as I could in the shuttle just to get a good view of the park. I tried, but I didn’t get the view I wanted, but I got a view.

Then, we get the Cedar Point……

We got there around 9:40 and walk up to see a mass of people standing up at the front gate. So, I say to my mom and my sister…

“Why don’t we go over to the Marina Gate”.

They all liked the idea and so we walked over to there to see about 10 people waiting in line. I was so happy because hardly anybody was there. So, the gate opens and……..

I take off from my mom and sister and start running over to MF. When I get there it is closed and people are in line outside of the gate to MF. Since I didn’t know what to do, if I should have stayed in line or not, I kept on walking to the back of the park. My mom and sister are still behind me so I yelled to them that we are going to ride Mean Streak.

Right when we get to the ride then open it up and me and my sister runs through the line and gets on the first ride of the day. My mom doesn’t ride coasters so this whole trip will be my and my sister ridding. Aright, we get in the second row and were off on our first ever Cedar Point roller coaster.

Mean Streak- 2x- Walk ons-

I really liked this ride. The front is nice and the back is nice also. Good airtime and good speed.

Next we walk over to CCMR and hit that ride 2x.

CCMR- 2x- Walk ons-

A nice little coaster, not much speed, but the over the water drop really got me. I was talking to my sister about something then all of the sudden we drop over water. I really like it.

After that we head on over to Gemini. The red train was stuck on the lift hill so he got to ride on the blue side.

Gemini- Blue- 5 minute wait

Again, I like this coaster. Very nice speed and a good first drop. I didn’t think is was to rough but my sister thought otherwise

So we walk on down and are about to ride Corkscrew and I see it is still testing. So, we skip that and head on over to Power Tower. I got to pick which one we wanted so I picked the one where we get shot down.

Power Tower- Shot Down (forgot what it is called)- 15 minute wait

I really like this side. You never know when your going to get dropped so it got me. The view is great from up there and then bam….. Your going down.

Next, we walked over to WT and got a freeway for 1-2. It worked out well, seeing as my grandparents came to the park at 12 and we went to eat lunch, then caught Snoopy Rocks on Ice. Snoopy Rocks wasn’t half bad. It was nice and cool , plus it was dark. My mom really liked it because she got time to sleep.

After the show, we headed over to WT with our freeway pass. We got in line and waited about 10 minutes.

WT- 10 minute wait-

We got in the middle of the train. I thought it was a great ride. I never got to ride it from the front or back, but I got to ride it and that was the main thing to me.

After WT we hit DT. While in line for DT some kid gave me his 3D glasses and so I used them. It looked pretty cool with them on.

DT- 1 ride- 15 minute wait-

Not the best ride CP has, but I guess the ride was aright. It was just so hot while you were riding. I don’t know why they had it hot. I guess it was part of the ride.

When we got done with that we caught 2 shows and then went straight to the rides again. It was getting hot so he hit Thunder Canyon.

Thunder Canyon- 1 ride- walk on

Great ride, got me and sis nice and wet!

We then started walking and were over my Gemini and saw the red train going so we got in line for it.

Gemini- Red- 1 ride- walk on

Good ride, nice airtime, and the people on this ride were actually slapping hands. I got me a couple of hand slaps. *GO ME*

Then, we hit Magnum. I have heard to much about this ride, good and bad. I knew I had to ride it to see for myself.

Magnum- 1 ride- seat 1.3- 20 minute wait

Well, in seat 1.3, you do get air. So much air it was hurting my legs. My sister was about to die from the hurting. It didn’t bother me to much, but my sister said that’s it for that ride. I enjoyed it!

Corkscrew was open so we rode that.

Corkscrew- 2x- walk on-

It is the same ride as we got here in Memphis. At Liberty Land. The ride was good, but nothing special.

Next was Raptor. I was pumped about this ride because I have been hearing people talk about how good it is. My sister even was pumped to ride it.

Raptor- 1 ride- 30 minute wait-

We sat in the back and boy what a great ride it was. I was mad at myself that I only rode it once.

After Raptor, we hit Wildcat, and Iron Dragon. Both good rides, and I really enjoyed them. So, we have rode everything but Mantis and MF. My sister didn’t want to ride Mantis because she heard some people talking about in another line. Saying like it was ruff, and it shakes your head everywhere. I convinced her to go on it with me.

Mantis- 1 ride- 45 minute wait

We rode in the very back on this ride. We were on are way up the lift hill and it stops. Me and my sister stay calm, but we looked over at my grandma and she is freaking out. It looked like this was about to die. Then, the ride started again and off we went. A great ride, nice layout and good speed.

It was about 9:30 and my sister wanted to rid another water ride. So we walk back to Snake River Falls.

Snake River Falls- 2 rides- walk on

If you really want to get SOAKED. You can get SOAKED HERE!! I was complete wet, and I could hardly believe it. Great ride to cool you off.

So, it’s about 9:45 and the last shuttle comes at 11:30. We run over to MF and see that the wait time is 2 hours. So, we can’t ride MF today. While leaving, we see Blue Streak without a line so we ride it 2x. I LOVED IT!! We then head on back to the campground for some rest for the next day at Cedar Point.

The next day was about the same. We got to ride MF 2x and it BLEW ME AWAY!! That is the best coaster in the world!! We also saw the dive show which wasn’t half bad either. Plus, we rode PT where you get shot up. All I can say is amazing!

To sum it up…. Cedar Point blew me away in every aspect. I rode everything I wanted to, and that was my goal. I got my on-ride picture on MF so I can show everybody, and brag to them about how I have been on it and they haven’t. *GO ME AGAIN*

Cedar Point is great, and I can’t wait to go back.

Good TR. I went last year for my first time and came back as excited as you did. 11 MF rides in my first 6 hours in CP didn't hurt either!
It's called a Turbo Drop. Sounds like fun.


Oh yea, thats what it's called!

Thans man

Oh yea, thats what it's called!

Thanks man

So glad you had a good time at the Point and also glad you guys had a safe trip there and back.

Good Times!! Good Times!!
CCI Lives On!!!!

good airtime on Mean Streak?

bla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

glad you liked the park, though.

Yea, I thoght it had good air time. Maybe I caught it on a good day or something. But then again... what do I know!


Give Shivering Timbers or Cornball Express a whirl if you want to know how to rate a coasters air time properly.

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

Sir Yes Sir.....

On My Way Sir.... *Gets out of army mode*

Yea, I need to ride those coaster.

But all I said was I THOUGHT it had good air time....

Sorry if I didn't rate it properly....

Maybe you got a good ride then. The only part that has any airtime is the drop right before the break section in the middle. I mean, the coaster wasn't even really designed for airtime. Maybe a few other sections might give some air if it's heated up, but when was the last time Cedar Point oiled that poor thing? The only wooden coaster I ever saw with as rusty track and squeaky sounds was Rolling Thunder at Great Adventure. Poor thing. Magnum's the one with all the air, though. Glad you enjoyed it. Great trip report, too...and I'll quit babbling on about nothing....

If I recall correctly there is that 1 second of airtime on MS
MF is overrated
Gemini is under rated
Magnum rocks (and is painful)
Raptor cool (Montu better)
Cp is one of my fav parks though-glad you had fun!

Former lurker
now newbie

O&A Rock! WOW!

If ya enjoyed Mean Streak and thought it had air so be it. You had a good time, that's all that really matters! But I would really recomend riding Timbers and Cornball.

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

Yea.... I think Gemini is under-rated! I love that coaster, both sides. I remeber that I did get airtime right before the breaks, but I can't realy remember any other times, but maybe I was having so much fun on the ride I just thought I was gettign air. Who knows....

All I know I had fun!

PS: I will have to check out Shivering Timbers and Cornball Express because I have heard they are great coaster!


Great TR Coaster Man. I enjoy the Mean Streak too and I can't get enough of the Millennium. I don't think it is over rated. If you had fun, that is all that counts.

The worst day at Cedar Point is better than the best day at work.

Great TR!

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

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