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Monday, July 16, 2001 10:34 AM
Ok first time I have done one of these. Course I only found the site 2 weeks ago. Anyways, on we go.

How nice to be back home, Great America has been my home park since it opened. I worked there for many years too. And now I return...

Went first to the Batman. Short lines, only on the stairs. Rode in the second row, nobody else I was with wanted to wait long for any ride. Still love this one, you almost have to. Fast, intense, and one of a kind feeling. Rates an 8.

Second pick was V2. Not much to say except...WOW!!! First ride on one of these and it was awesome, worth it all. My blood was smooshed out of my feet. One of the more fun aspects is waiting in line and all the people freaking out over the wobbling towers. Rates a 10.

Next up was the first B&M coaster, Iron Wolf. Got in the front row fairly quickly. Was running better than I remember. Smooth and fast. My girlfriend enjoyed her first ride on a stand up.
Rates a 6.5

Bypassed one of my coasters, the American Eagle(mine cause I worked it on for a long time). The line was out into the games area and they were only running one side. Too bad, good ride and fast. Normally rates a 7.5

Another classic and one I am very familiar with is the Demon. Seems they added some sound effects to the tunnel. Had me laughing. Nice. Rates a 7.5

Raging Bull came after lunch. Love this ride. Fast, fun, furious and intense. Whats with the new Trim brakes? ARRRGGHHH!!! Rates a 9.

A great wooden hides over there in the Viper. Shakes, rattles and rolls, but not too bad. Headchoppers are scary. Rates 9.

Finally the Whizzer. Classic. Love it. Great first coaster too. Rates 6.5.

I also bypassed the Shockwave, because I can ride it in my sleep. Been on it so many times already, and I didnt need the migraines from it.

Was a wonderfully nice and cool day. No rain, clear skies with a few clouds for that touch. Lines looked long but moved very quickly, except for my second ride on V2. Of course the people in line can make it worse. All in all though a great day. Rode some old rides like the Orbit and Condor, even Rue Le Dodge. Roaring Rapids is good, but it used to be a gamble whether you would get wet, now you know they will purposely soak you with huge water bombs. Takes some fun and suspense out of it, but still a good ride. I will not mention all the kiddie rides that our 6 yr old rode. Great time in the park and still my favorite place out of the all the ones I have been too, including Cedar Point(though they edge out GA in # of coasters). Back to Jersey and work and perhaps to Great Adventure.
Friday, July 20, 2001 2:58 PM
Nice tr, sure Shockwave is rough, but still worth it, as are all the coasters at SFGAm, but maybe "Phantom Treatment" would be nice for the Shockwave...;)

B&M Loyalist 4-Life
Sunday, July 22, 2001 10:37 PM
That's funny what you mentioned about the public and the towers on V2. After watching the Discovery Channel featuring S:EU, I realized how much they sway. Did anyone get out of line when they saw that?

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