My First Time At Knotts!

Hi guys, it's me again! I was looking for someone to give me the same information as I got for MM, which was a lost of rides from least to most intense, a good day plan that dosent have any insanity first, and rides that my dad could go on with his bad back and weak stomach. As a follow up to my MM trip, I went on almost everything, except collosus (too rough), viper (heard is was rougher than I think it actually is), and riddler (true but my feet didn't touch floor!!!!). My dad went on revolution, which was his first ride, let alone coaster where you go upside down! If you coul also tell me what the crowds will be like that would help, I'm going during a weekday in one of the first 2 weeks of July. Thanks in advance -Lucas

Okay, weekdays are usually not too busy, unlike Dizzyland. Coasterwise, and this is my opinion- Ghostrider, down right brutal woody. It's a shame because it wasn't that way when it was first built, but it has CCI syndrome. As far as the rest of it look here

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Agreeing with Dutchman...Ghostrider was once *easily* in my top-5, and stayed there for a long time. The last couple times I visited the park, one lap was plenty, if not too much. Absolutely horrible.

When you ride Monte, ride in the back seat...

If you need corrective lenses, wear contacts - the park HATES glasses.

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