My first STARK RAVEN MAD (both days)

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 8:13 AM
Since the other TRs have told what happened, I won't go into detail on everything. This was my first time to Holiday World period, and I arrived about 30 minutes prior to the assembly in the theater. I had time first to ride Raven, which was an awesome ride. It didn't instantly blow me away, but by the end of the night it was insane. The assembly was great, and I noticed some people skipped it to keep riding the coasters. I don't see how people could do that, because seeing Will, Paula, Mrs. Koch, and the other person (forgot who it was) sing "Bubba's Buns" simply could not be missed. As ERT began I took my first spin on Legend in the back seat, and was immediately blown away. The two woodies at Holiday World simply cannot be missed, period.

Dinner was great, with good pizza, chips, and delicious fudge. I abused the free soft drinks (or they abused me :P) throughout both nights, and it was nice not having to pay 3 bucks for a pepsi. During night 1 I got 5 rides on Raven and 8 on Legend.


I was up early Saturday for Zoombabwe ERT. This slide is a lot of fun and I got 4 rides on it. It was great seeing rafts of enthusiasts come flying out of the tube into the water in a big splash, although I believe Paul Drabek, Rideman, Coasterville_Dave, and others had a bad experience or two with the raft folding in the turns. After ERT, before leaving the waterpark, I did the Go slide of Otorongo, AmaZOOM, and the wave pool. Splashin' Safari is a nice waterpark and Zoombabwe was a great addition.

After the waterpark I rode the Flying Eagles, which are definitely not wild like other flying scooter rides. These are the only flyers I have been on, since PKI's were unfortunately closed. I also did the bumper cars and got my credit on Howler. The photo walkback was great and I also got Robert Coker to sign my book, although I accidently left my card for Mrs. Koch in it when I took the book to the hotel.

Dinner was great, and I ate with a group of Buzzers. I think Arrow Guy had the neatest 'card' for Mrs. Koch, as he was the one who gave her the wooden coaster on the graduation hat, with letters on the track saying 'Congrats Pat.'

During evening ERT I suddenly started feeling pretty sick, and I walked around for a while and went into the parking lot debating leaving. Then, I realized that I didn't really feel bad anymore. With that said, I went and spent the rest of the night on Raven, which was indescribable (as was Legend). The night could not have ended more memorably, as I got a triple ride in the third-from-last seat. After one ride our line was empty so we went around on the final ride. As we entered the station, the lights were turned off and I could see the front car go right through the station as the awesome ops gave us another ride.

This was my first Stark Raven Mad, and there is no way it will be my last. Raven and Legend are hands-down my favorite coasters, and I cannot thank Holiday World enough for the way they put on this event. I met tons of enthusiasts, some that I knew online and some that I had never talked to before. I won't try to name everyone, but thanks for a great time! The ride operators were all awesome, but I will have to give an award to Bethany, who somehow managed to yell and dance without stopping for both nights. I imagine she will be sleeping for the next few weeks.

(#78) Raven - 10/10 - 22 rides
(#79) Legend - 10/10 - 19 rides
(#80) Howler - N/A (kiddie)

|| Jonathan Hawkins ||
Top Gun: TJC flights - Approx. 262 (76 in 2002)

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 2:39 PM
It was great to meet you too! I wish I had more time to ask you about your TJC's my favorite invert. Glad you enjoyed the CCIs like you did, and hope you can join us again next year. I still don't know how the staff had all that energy! LOL.
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