My first PKD trip 8/13/01 Very interesting

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Monday, August 13, 2001 7:42 AM
My visit to PKD was VERY interesting! It was my 1st trip there and I planned to go on just a Sun. Well since it is about 1 and 1/2 hr from Charlottesville,VA, we left at about 9 am. I was so excited when i saw the big sign and when we got to the entrance we saw the letters "HYPERSONIC XLC is closed today" I was so mad i punched the car seat and my mom even stalled the car. O well I said as I saw volcano running. When I got my tickets, the sign for the closing for XLC was gone! I was so happy and I ran to the back of the park, I saw people standing in line outside of the queue line and then they opened it! It was a matter of minutes, like 10, to get on it. It was the one of the 1st rides and when you get on you can't believe what you are going to do. They bring you forward a bit and then there are 3 tones and lights, then a red light blinks, then you are off and you go up then some major airtime gets to you and then you come back down and you see the floor of the park and probably some person staring at you(lol). You turn around and then you have a pic and then a hop with more airtime and brakes that are have a REALLY annoying sound. I liked this ride b/c it was a short wait and it is the only one in the world with a 90 angle and is auctally a circuit

Grizzly- After the xlc I looked around for the grizzly but I couldn't find the entrance! It was hid right by a music studio and the reason I found it was b/c there was a Grizzly Arcade and I looked around a bit. Well all this ride is airtime and jerks and hip bangs. The first drop is great but there are these stupid brakes that slow down the entire thing. The tunnel is totally jerky and you better be ready. This has the longest line length to walk but no one is ever on it.

The Hurler broke down so I went to Rebel Yell.
This ride is the bomb! It has so much airtime and when it races it is so much fun to look at the other train b/c you can see their faces b/c 1 is forward and 1 is backward. I really enjoyed this ride and both are good but the backwards is a little bit rough but still gives good airtime. PKD really needs to run 4 trains on this ride. But there were no lines exp when they were only riding 1 train out of the whole thing.

This is pretty cool and has water all around you there are these brakes that slow down the whole thing a but it wasn't too bad. The inversions are so much fun. No lines ever it seemed like.

Since I saw this Seal of America or something when I was going up the Anaconda I wonderded what attraction/ride it was. I walked over and I saw the Flight of Fear when I was coming in. I got in and there were tvs about some alien or something. I didnt really pay attention to this and kept waiting. I got to the station and since i was a single rider they let me through. As soon as I get to the front there is this problem with some guy who wouldn't fit so we stayed there while they tried to get the lap bar to stay. But when i got in my seat (with a lap bar) there was this cheesy music and then we were off. This ride reminds me of the joker's jinx in SFA with out the headbanging and in the ride there were these brakes that again slowed a ride in PKD. I am glad that my head went left and right with out hitting some foam thing and I was secure during the whole ride! I think JJ is better but since FoF doesn't headbang I like FoF better. O yeah you can see during the whole ride.

This has good airtime but the turns really are rough but if you stay to the right of your seat they are ok. Good thing there are no lines.

Um....everything about this ride is bad in my thought. Waiting for a bad ride and when they change riders it takes forever. The airtime really hurts and and then my ribs get punched my the yellow restraints that come in. The color is bad too.

I saw the line for this and the fast tickets were all gone so I got in line and waited for about an hour to get to the station, I thought since waiting is too bad I got in the front seat b/c I love overhead tracks going in the front seat. After about a 25 min wait I was in and then we roll out and I am surprised b/c I thought you go straight into the volcano but you don't. You go out and curve and scream and then you see this hole and then another boost and then you go straight up and then whooo! I love the twists and I saw everything from the front. You have to ride in the front on this it is the best. There are only 1 set of breaks on this and it is at the end!

Um this is a bobsled so it doesnt go very fast, but the end helix it really cool and you get to sit behind someone in case you have a b/f or g/f. =-)

After the Avalanche I rode Rebel Yell and Grizzly a lot of times and I ate at this Burger Stand. It is really good for a $7.00 burger and fries and a drink. After some more rides it was about 5:20.
I got in the XLC so i could get Volcano in as my next ride. Oh I didn't know what I was going to get in to! I waited in line for an hr and got the the line part close to the shoot off. Then it started to rain...bad. So everyone pretty much left except people in the station so I got up there and saw all the sad people waiting in the rain. After about 30 min it stopped but there was this drunk guy that threw a trash can at this person and everything fell out. It was pretty funny and then he got kicked out. It stopped to rain and then it ran again! for about 10 min... the restraint on the front seat go stuck closed and then I would have been waiting for about 2 hrs. I was at the front of the line b/c everyone left and then as soon as they fixed the car it started to rain really bad. I just sat there on the railing for about 1 hour and played with my aeropostale hat. It was about 8:20 and the guys by me said that they were going to give us free tickets. That is the ONLY reason I stayed the rest of the night. We just sat there b/c they wouldn't give us the tickets now and I was going to get something for my patience. At about 9:40 they said that everyone in the station (about 25 people) got to get tickets for any day in 2001. I was happy a 4 hour standing in line is ok if you get free tickets! I ran through the rain with the homemade poncho out of a trash bag that they gave us. At 10:00 I got to the front and saw my mom waiting. I rained all the way home and asked my mom if I could go tommorow since I got a free ticket. She said maybe!
I enjoyed my visit and the lines aren't too bad on this Sun. exp on Volcano and XLC so there was much time to have fun.
If anyone was on that last XLC ride of the day then plz reply. I am going today I think and I hope to have another great day there.
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Monday, August 13, 2001 7:50 AM
Cool! You live in c'ville!? I live in Waynesboro!

My favorite Coaster is named after Poop, and I actually like Boomerangs! What is wrong with me?
Monday, August 13, 2001 8:07 AM
i live about 1hr away from PKD and i have a season pass. i have been there about 7 times this season and i love the park. on a weekday the line for hypersonic remains around 1hr, but on the weekend in gets to about 1 1/2hrs. so there is a difference. my hypersonic count is 6 and i love both hypersonic and volcano. how did you find hypersonic better than volcano? volcano is a great ride, but hypersonic just seemed so much better to me.
Monday, August 13, 2001 8:35 AM
Isn't King's Dominion losing a lot of money on all those free tickets? Maybe they should return Hypersonic to S&S and get a refund.

Batwing-Bow Down
Monday, August 13, 2001 11:18 AM
Intamin Fan, are you crazy? Don't touch my Hypersonic, man!

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