my first ever six flags experience....SFA 6/30/01

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Saturday, July 21, 2001 7:51 PM
after 21 years of enduring PKD over and over, i decided to get off my duff and cruise up north to my nearest SF park for my first SF experince, SFA...and boy, was i suprised!!

me and my buddy josh get to the park around 9:30, thinking the park opened at 10, but it was actually 10:30. so we stood in line for close to an hour to get in....finally at 10:35, we head in...

went to Batwing first, but it was still testing, so we get in line for Superman RoS...front seat...WOW!!!!!!! i didnt know Intamin could build a hyper like that!! that first turn after the first drop is amzing...the whole ride rocked! pretty much my fav steel coaster off, and onto batwing(it was now running) this is my first Vekoma ride ever. and again, not dissapointed at all. when the train tips over just before the drop...holy crap dude!!1 awesome feeling!! the force of being pulled into the shoulder straps was a little rough, but still awesome ride...

next Jokers Jinx....didnt really care for that much...too much like flight of fear...actually, identical to flight of fear, but still has OTSR's..rough ride

next came Wild One...drop was a little weak, but the hills had saweet airtime, and the 540 helix at the end is incredible!!!

onto Two Face..Vekoma number2, and my first boomberang type ride. wow!! despite all the negative stuff i heard, it was awesome..actually my second fav ride at SFA :) we sat in the seat that faces out into the boomerang loop from the station..

quick lunch, and onto the coyote creek area...we go to Roar first...what a wooden coaster man!!! definatly my fav woodie of all time!! the high bank turns are amazing!!

next onto Mind Eraser...pretty cool ride, though quite bumpy for an inverted...the front seat is not as bad as the rest of the train...

thats pretty much the coasters...we rode a lot of flats rides too, like Iron Eagle, Rodeo, Tilt a Whirl, and Riddle Me This...the flats at SFA are truly awesome!!

all in all, incredible experince. my hat tips to SIx Flags...they know how to build a theme park that can accomdate any taste. i will definatly visit more this year, and am already planning on gettin a pass for 2002!!! see ya on the midways!!

Sunday, July 22, 2001 7:04 AM
Glad you had a good time at "my" park. As you discovered, there's actually quite a good variety of things to do in Largo. As the park adds more rides and gets older, more people will discover it. By the way, most people like the Invertigo's (Two Face), it's the normal Vekoma sit-down boomerangs that some people find rough. Just a little tip for you-the word is spelled definitely. I know it's not easy to spell.

Batwing-Bow Down

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