My first coaster trip, Day one. Cedar Point 6/2

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I had a great day as usual. Everything was running great and the weather was good.

5 rides on the MF. Waited for the front when I used my freeway pass.

1 ride on TTD. Waited for the front seat. Well worth it. Sign said 2 1/4 hour wait but I was at the station in about an hour and waited about 40 minutes more for the front.

Nine or 10 rides on Magnum, all back seat. Lots of air.

Mantis had the trims turned back on. People kept getting sick on it and they would have to hose everything down. People still can not follow directions and the ops have to keep unlocking and relocking the trains.

Numerous rides on everything else that I wanted to ride. Finished the day with a night ride on MF and then a marathon on Raptor, about 6 times, walk on. The Raptor crew still amazes me, working the ride all day long and still going strong right up till closing time.

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