My first coaster trip, Day 4, SFKK and HW

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It's a long drive from SFGAm to SFKK. I got to the park before they opened and had to pee like a race horse, but there here no restrooms outside the park, so I had to suffer.

I finally got in and relived myself and then headed to the back of the park. I rode Chang three times in a row and then worked my way to the front of the park. Riding everything twice. I rode Greezed Lightin' once. Not bad, but my long legs barley fit into the car. Coming backwards through the loop, it really felt like I was going to fall out of the train. They brake the train as it comes through the station and you only go about half way up the back hill.

After hitting all the coasters, it was time to hit the road for Holiday world.

I was hoping that Raven would have been reopened, but it was not. What a tragedy. I sure hope that this incident does not hurt the park because it is one great little park with at least one great coaster. I was extremely impressed with the Legend and just kept getting back in line for another ride. The ride op kept asking me "How many rides does this one make?" I lost count.

What a beautiful little park. And spotlessly clean. Cleaner than Cedar Point. Is it just a different breed of people in southern Indiana? I watched people with cigarettes walk over to the ash trays and dispose of them rather than throw the butts on the ground. Kids well behaved. Everything about this park was pleasing and inviting. The parking lot was even litter free when I left. And I do not remember seeing any sweepers like at other parks.

Walking past the Raven was, I don't know how to say it, just kinda eire. It was calm and quiet and peaceful. Birds were chirping. I felt bad for the lady that died and her family and friends and for the Koch family, but I also felt angry. Angry that I drove all this way to ride the Raven, but this ladies actions prevented me from doing so. I had my trip plans made and rooms reserved long before this happened. Maybe that makes me selfish to feel this way, I probably am. I just pray that we all can learn from this tragedy and that no one ever does anything this foolish again.

Holiday World is worth making a trip, if not for the coasters, then just for the atmosphere and the beauty of the park.

Lets go Drag racing.

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