My first coaster trip day 2, M.A. 6/3

Associated parks:

Great park. I think that Shivering Timbers is now my Favorite wood coaster. The park was crowded, a lot of school picnics, but the lines moved smoothly.

One ride on Zack's Zoomer. Great little coaster for coaster buffs in training.

One ride on Cork Screw.

Several rides on Wolverine Wildcat. This one surprised me, not too bad.

One ride on the Mad Mouse just to say that I did it.

About 9 rides on Shivering Timbers. Front seat and back seat rides only. What a great coaster. I could not get enough of it. The kids behind me on one of by front seat trips were shocked that I kept my hands in the air the whole time. I thought that it was kinda funny. It's just great to see this coaster as you pull into the park. A magnificent structure.

M. A. is a great park. The only problem is that there is a lot of line jumping. Groups of kids come though the line, excuse me, excuse me, I'm with those people up there. Well, why didn't you get in line with them when they did then? Other than that, It's a great park. Well, worth a trip just for Shivering Timbers. I can see Cedar Fair adding a lot to this park.

Lets go Drag racing.

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