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Sunday, June 6, 2004 6:00 PM
I'm mostly a lurker here, but I just came back from a great eleven park trip, so I decided to post it. I had to drive out to Philadelphia for my brothers wedding, so I figured I would hit all the parks there and the way back. Here is the first park, Cedar Point.

Day one-Friday May 21

Leave Chicago about 830 in the morning. I was with my friend Tim. He is not a enthusiast, but did enjoy a trip we made to Six Flags Great America a couple of years ago.
Make good time up until Toledo, Tim’s brother Mark calls, who is a meteorologist. He asked if we were hit by the storms. What storms I ask? There was a big storm front following us. Get to Sandusky about 300, just as the skies turned dark and it pours. We could barely see in front of us.

Get checked in and in to park using starlight tickets about 430.
Wait under arcade for rain to end. I think everyone else in the park had the same idea. We were outside, but still felt the heat coming from inside. I figured we at least had to get one ride in so we rode Cedar downs while waiting for the rain to end.

We hop on the train and take the route around the park. The rain stopped, so I was hoping some of the rides would open up. By the time we made the loop there was a small line waiting for Millennium Force. We decided to wait for a few minutes. In the meantime I took a deep breath and asked the op at the front of the line about the new belt procedure. He mentioned about the slack so I asked if he would see if I was good enough to fit. There was some teenage girl with her head down sitting in the chair who wouldn’t move. Her friends tell her to move and she wont budge. “Why” she asks. Just then she looks up as I’m glaring down at her. She must have thought I was some monster.

Anyway, I am 6’2 245 pounds and a 40 inch waist. I got about 4 inches of slack so he said I would be fine. Whew! I guess it is all about proportions.

The lightning stops and by 615 they open the ride. I was hoping to work Tim up by taking him on something smaller first, but he was up for it. Tim enjoys the ride. I think the first drop took him by surprise. By now most of the rides were back up and running, but time was against us.

Iron Dragon next. The usual ride, which we both enjoyed. Tim agreed with me that the ending over the water was fun.

Since most of the people left the park after the storm, the waits were almost non-existent We got a front row ride on Raptor that was great as usual. Right after that we hoped on Blue Streak. It gave some great airtime.

Wicked Twister and Disaster Transport were both walk ons. Tim really enjoyed Disaster Transport. I don’t know why the ride always gets ragged on, it is a fun little ride.

It was getting close to closing. I was thinking of getting in line for Dragster and waiting it out after closing, but I didn’t see it testing. I figured Magnum would be a good way to end the day.
On the way we got on Power Tower- space shot side. Good pop of airtime at top.

On our way to Magnum I saw a line in front of Dragster. The op at the front of the line was saying how there was only 9 minutes left in the day, so it didn’t look like the ride would be open. I did see them test a train after that, but it never did open.

Two rides on Magnum was a great way to end the day. I tried to prepare Tim for the painful airtime at the bunny hops. After two great rides we headed back to the Breakers.
Got a lot in for only under two hours of rides actually up and working.

Day two Saturday May 22

Got in the Magnum park line about 830, and we were almost to the Soak Cty/Challenge Park ticket booth.. Dragster was testing., which was a good sign. Got in the park and waited outside the Dragster line. They opened it up about 20 minutes later. Got on Dragster about 930. Great launch. Took my breath away. Tim thought the same thing. I think he really enjoyed it, as he wanted to wait for it later in the day.

Wildcat was open early, fun ride. I new the line would be slow later on so it was a good time to hit it.

Mantis was not running either of the days. I didn’t really mind that.

Millinium Force had a half hour wait at this point. Got on and had a great ride. We then waited a few minutes to get a hand stamp. Se got a 1-2 ride time.
Walked to Raptor to get another stamp, 3-4 was the time.

Walked back to Mean Streak and waited about 20 minutes for a ride. I told Tim about how a lot of people find this ride to be a disappointment and even he agreed that Blue Streak is better ride.

Work way back to M F. for our 1-2 ride. It was closed due to some girl who must have gotten sick on the ride. We saw her people helped back to the entrance and but on a cart. It reopens at about 130 and we use our 1-2 free way pass. I saw one guy get turned back at the station.

Somewhere in there we did Padlewheel Excursions.

Got lunch at the Game Day grille. It was ok. Used the 3-4 Raptor free way. While dispatching the train before us one attended noticed and empty restraint was not buckled. As he tried to buckle it, the floor started to drop. He almost fell down as the train left the station.Then hit the e stop and the train sat on the lift for a few minutes. They then just started it up again. The whole thing was a little odd
Back to the hotel for a break.

At 5 pm we did the go carts. Part of the package I got gave us some free passes for them. Got back inside and the lines were kinda long.

Dragster was down due to high winds but we try to stick it out. After half an hour gave up.

We grabbed a quick ride on Corkscrew with a 10-minute wait.
Got a spin on the giant wheel. Up on the top of it I could see why Dragster was down as the winds were really high. Then walked to Blue Streak. Got a good ride. I almost smacked a sea gull who was sitting on the wood by the turn around.

While leaving I saw dragster testing. Ran over and got in line at about 815. Some of the tests were rolling back, but it started to get over on every launch. Except for the first train full of people. I told Tim if we had waited the whole time that could have been us getting a roll back!! we finally get in a ride at about 915.

Got a walk on ride on Iron Dragon. Ran to Wicked Twister and Disaster transport, which both had half hour waits.

I decided that a night ride on Magnum would be a better way to end the night. Went to Magnum and got three rides. Including the last ride of the night just as it started raining and lightening. I told Tim to bear down for some pain, but it wasn’t that bad. That second drop at night is just awesome. When you look out to your right, you can’t see anything and it feels like you are just floating in space.

It was a great way to end the night. In fact a woman on the train recognized my from my Simpson’s Shirt {Comic book guy-Worst Superhero Ever} saying that I was on her first ride of the day which was our first Magnum ride at about 1030. While leaving the exit I noticed a protein spill in the exit que. I guess someone didn’t enjoy their ride.

We ate at TGI Fridays and got ready for Geagua Lake Sunday Morning. *** Edited 6/6/2004 10:03:14 PM UTC by ChiDan1972***

Sunday, June 6, 2004 6:20 PM
good tr sounds like you had a fun time:)
"Coasters are life"- Userx
Sunday, June 6, 2004 6:52 PM
I agree, cool Tr, somehow CP reports never seem to get old.

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