My First Big Coaster Trip Part 9 (PKI 6/3)

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Day Fourteen Thursday June 3
Since I had done pretty much everything the day before, today was more of a recap day. Started they day taking the ACE walkback to beast. I was the only one there. The PR guy doing it was nice and we talked about the park. He told me tomorrow would be the bring a friend free day and in his words "you don’t want any of that." I wasn’t anyway, but it was good to hear I made a good choice. One of the ops at the Beat liked my “Wally World” T shirt.

They had some trouble with one of the trains on the Beast so I had to wait. They took the train off and ran with two trains the rest of the day. By the time I got my ride the GP had made it back. Oh well, I still got first ride in the front row…but not by myself.

It was a good ride. A bit rough, but enjoyable. After that I got on Runaway Reptar. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t want to try to Ghoster Coaster…credit or no. It looks uncomfortable, and I know it takes forever to load. I scored 1600 on the Scooby Doo Haunted castle ride/game.

I got the hugest cinnamon roll. It had to be two pounds…I threw out a pound of it because I couldn’t eat anymore. After that I did Delerium. I love that ride.

I got on the flying scooters and saw how people were snapping it. I got the hang of it. I can see why people like this ride…trying to snap it is addictive. I even hit the trees a couple of times!

I did a lot of stuff over again. I got a better ride on Racer this time on a non axel seat. Another go on Son of Beast…..I think this thing is going to tear itself apart, it is just too rough. I kept hearing sound coming from the bottom like ten bucks in change was rattling around. It was a walk on every time I looked at the que. Top Gun is still a fun ride. Did I say I love Delirium ?

They need a test seat for Flight of Fear. I saw two people turned away. The back row was a tad rough…I thought I heard my neck snap.

I sat through the new Magic of the Movies show. I would only recomend it if you had done everything and wanted to sit down for a while. About the only thing you walk out of that knowing is that there is a Sponge Bob movie coming out in November.
Speaking of Sponge Bob, the Sponge Bob 3D movie was ok. Those seats they use in that theater are kinda odd. My feet hit the floor once or twice.

I got a ride on the pirate ship ride. It is in a nice setting.

I tried one of the chili dogs and it didn’t agree with me.
Another ride on Tomb Rader. I enjoyed it, but like I said before, they should add a couple of more flips to the program.

I ended the day with a triple play of Delerium, Flying Eagles and a night ride on Beast. It wasn’t totally dark, but it was good. That final helix could be described in the immortal words of Jack Black as "face peeling" I really liked this park. The international street setting was very cool, although there was an odd smell coming from some of the areas around the fountain…what was that? I think this park could use two letters….B and M. The kids area had a great look, and it looks like the kids were enjoying it. I also recommend the Kings Island resort. I got the room for 62 a night on line. They even have a shuttle to the park.

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