My First Big Coaster Trip Part 8 (PKI 6/2

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Day Thirteen Wednesday June 2

Started the drive from outside Columbus Ohio. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Got to the park about ten after ten. Too late for the Beast walkback. Got on Face Off First. Waited about 30 minutes for a back seat. Good ride, but I think Déjà Vu is better…When running of course.

Got on Drop Zone after a short wait. The trip up was cool. Drop was great. Delirium was awesome. I had a blast on it. I think with how long it takes to load and unload, they should increase the ride sequence by at least two rotations. Other than that, it is a great ride.

Top Gun was a very good ride. I really enjoyed it. Only negative on Top Gun was it could be longer. Oh, and going up the lift they should blast the intro to Danger Zone. it’s a crappy song, but it would fit the theme.

I took a deep breath and got ready to experience Son of Beast. I headed all the warnings and got a non-axel seat towards the front. The lap bar was tight on my legs, but not totally uncomfortable. Man is that lift loud. It sounds like a Jet engine taking off. A lot of shaking going on during the ride. I didn’t notice any airtime, but that could be because I was holding on for dear life. The loop was great. Everything else ranged from good to oh my god. The ride was fast, but the elements, beside the loop, were not all that enjoyable.

I left the action zone and walked over to International Street. I got some food at the Chinese place that was good. I took a trip up the Effiel Tower. Nice view of the park.

I hoped on Adventure Express. A nice ride. The theaming up the last lift hill was great…but kind of anti-climatic. You felt like something big was coming and… is the station?

Racer was next. Maybe it was because I had an axel seat, but I had to hold on for dear life! I was on the forward track…..maybe they need to retrack it? It was almost as bad as SoB.

Onto the Flight of Fear. The theaming here was great. I liked when it got dark in the hanger. The ship looked cool. The ride was good. I can only imagine how bad it was with over the shoulder restraints. My head hurt just thinking about it.

Left to check in to the hotel. The Kings Island Resort. Its only five minutes away, and very nice and affordable.

I decided to try out the water park. I’m not big on them, but I had fun. I was only there for over an hour. I did a couple slides, the lazy river and the wave pool. It was very well done.

Back to the park I hoped on Beastie. I’m thinking this might be the best woodie in the park!!!

Vortex was a total walk on. I got three rides in a row. Front row was a bit rough. The back had a nice pop of air on the first drop. Overall, the ride is better than Shockwave/GASM.

Did I mention how much I hate people who bounce those damn balls?!?! I can’t wait for one to bounce on a ride and hurt someone so these parks will get rid of them.

I decided to hit the Beast next. Sat near the front. It was powerful. There was really not a ton of airtime, but I enjoyed it. I can see why 25 years ago this ride caused a sensation. Good use of the terrain. Both rides were walk on.

Tomb Rader was a interesting ride. I noticed how that one tomb door wasn’t working, so they stopped the crowd in the room before the pre show. I have to give it to whoever came up with the idea of using a top spin in the way, because it really worked. Great job of theaming from the que to the ride. I could have used a few more flips.

It was getting close to closing so I hoped on Flight of Fear again. After that it was Delirium, Son of Beast and a last ride on Drop Zone. They were offering to let people stay in their seats on SoB, but I don’t think that is a ride contusive to marathoning.

I had dinner at the Kings Island Resort. At the bar Coasters they have a burger called the Beast. It is three pounds. The beef patty is two pounds and the bun is one. If you finish it by yourself in an hour you get a shirt and your name on a plaque. I saw four names on it. The waitress said a lot of people give up because they get tired of chewing. I thought back to that great John Candy movie The Great Outdoors.

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