My First Big Coaster Trip Part 3 (HP 5/26)

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Day Five Tuesday May 25

Hershey Park wasn’t open today, so we used the day to visit the zoo and Chocolate World. Tim and I met up with some of my family who were also driving out for the wedding in Philadelphia. They were my parents, brother-in-law, two young nieces and my other brother and his finance and her two teenage kids. The zoo was ok, but I would defiantly only do this as part of Hershey Park, when it is free to get in. The Chocolate Tour was ok. I really enjoyed the 3-D movie. It was impressive, almost up to Disney standards.
Day six Wednesday May 26

We got to Hershey park at about 940. Their entrance is a bit odd as you pay and enter at the same time. I bet that could really get busy on a crowded day. There were a lot of kids there as it was home school day at the park. Tim and I were with my brother, his fiancé and her two kids a 13 year old boy and 11 year old girl.

First ride was the Comet. This was a very fun ride. They were only running one train…that would be a running theme.

Superdooperlooper was next. One train…again. Some in my group were unimpressed with it, I had to explain that 25 years ago this would have rocked their world. I enjoyed it, the loop was very forceful.

We waited a few minutes for Great Bear to open and got on about 11. I was very impressed. I loved the first half with the helix into the drop. Once again…one train.

I saw Storm Runner running, so we ran over there. It took forever to find it. The park can be a bit difficult for a first time visitor. Storm running was guess what…running only one side. After almost an hour wait we were on our way. The launch doesn’t take your breath away like Dragster, but the inversions added really make it a great ride.

Met up with my parents, nieces, brother in law and his mom. We had some pizza by the carousel. My niece wanted to ride a coaster so it was off to Trialblazer. A fun little ride that my six year old niece enjoyed, she even had her hands up! Maybe a future enthusiast. My three-year-old niece got a little scared.

Left the other group and went over to Sidewinder. Banged my head on the cobra roll.

Some people wanted to do water rides, so Tim and I decided to hit the Midway America section.
Got in line for the wildcat…there was a small line…but guess what. One train!!!! The wait was almost 45 minutes! Ride was great, but the one train operation really started to tick me off. There was defiantly a long enough line to warrant two trains.

Lightning Racers was running two trains…only two trains that is. At least the line moved a bit faster, but once again…they had trains just sitting on the transfer track waiting to be used.

Lightning racers was probably my favorite ride in the park. The layout was great, and the dueling added a nice touch.

Hoped on the wild mouse. Nice little ride.
Got a ride on the monorail. I liked how you leave the park and spend some time in down town Hershey. We even spotted some of the people in our party at the zoo.

Hoped on the Claw. I enjoyed it.

Noticed that Storm Running had not been running for a while, when I saw an empty train head over the top hat. Ran over and got in line. Twenty minutes later we were in the station ready to go. Some park employee brought four guys that looked to be in some kind of punk pop band. I only say this because Blink 182 was playing at the giant center that night. Maybe this was the opening act? The employee let them on the station while they dispatched the train. Isn’t that a no no? They got on the next train, and no one knew who they were. I had my hands up durring the ride, and because of that I got thrown into the restraints...ouch.

Headed back to great bear…they finally put the second train on but there was another delay due to someone puking right when we got on.

It was getting close to closing. Skiped a re ride on the comet because still only one train.

Did Wildcat again. Still only one train, about a 30 minute wait. Then we did the Wild mouse again.

Lightning Racers was closed when we walked up to it but opened up a minute later. Got a front row ride. It was just about 6, which was closing time today.

Over all this is a nice looking park, but I found some of the operations kinda odd. The one train operation just stunk. Geauga Lake on a Sunday had half the people that Hershey had and they ran two trains on just about everything. Also, I noticed that they must not be a uniform dress code. On trailblazer the guy who checked my restraints had no Hershey clothing on and no nametag. I thought he was a rider from the previous train! Another op had a nametag that said Hershey Park. Maybe he changed his name?

I noticed the same issue with the uniform. I'm not a stickler for uniforms, but I didn't know who was who sometimes.

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