My First Big Coaster Trip Part 2 (GL 5/23)

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Day three- Sunday May 23

Up at 730 and on the road by 8. Pulled into Geauga Lake at 930 and no body was there. That would be that way the entire day.

Tim and I got on the first launch of Steel Venom in the front row. We were the only two people on the train. The only difference between this and Vertical Velocity is that it takes forever to get to the station. I can’t imagine how long the wait would be with a full que. After that two walk on rides on X Flight. It was different that Superman:UF. Not sure if I like it better, but I enjoyed it. I liked switching positions from facing up to facing down. I don’t know why the lady in front of the ride wouldn’t let me take my hat to the station. She told us to leave it in front of the ride entrance, so we did. There was a backpack or two and some hats just sitting in front of the line. Later on when riding, a guy said we couldn’t do that. Make up your mind. Also, she wouldn’t budge with her umbrella she used to shade herself, so I almost stabbed myself in the eye trying to get past her.

Head Spin was my first boomerang coaster. I was not really impressed. It was kinda rough. Next walked over to Dominator. Got right on the front row. When getting back we had to wait outside the station for almost ten minutes while they tried to reset the system. They closed it for a few minutes. Tim sat out while I did another lap, this time in the back row. It must be the new staff…back to them later. I’m sure the crew is going to be sick of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” as they play ten seconds of the song before dispatch. It was my first floorless coaster, and I really enjoyed the visuals from the front.

Tim opted out of the Texas Twister. My first topspin. I laughed the whole way through. I can’t wait for King Chaos to open at Great America.

Thunderhawk was another first, my first SLC. Rough, but not as rough as I thought it would be. Still, once was enough.

The Villain was up next. A tad bit rough, but a nice layout. The trick track is a nice touch.
Double Loop was another walk on. Short ride, but the setting is nice.

For some reason we decided to hit a water ride. Grizzle Run was next. I should have taken off my shoes. With all the weird rules they have here, I am surprised they allow people to leave their shoes in the station. We walked over to the old Sea World side. There was some people in the lake practicing for the water stunt show they were going to start soon.

Pirates 4d and Bermuda triangle were ok. It doesn’t seen a movie like Pirates belongs in this park. By the way, that part of the park was like a ghost town. Nobody at all. Tim mentioned the Anime movie Spirted Away that had something about an abandoned amusement park and people turning into pigs. The orange chicken at the Happy Harbor Café was good.

Back to Dominator. This is where it gets a little funny. We were all strapped in ready to go, when we wouldn’t dispatch. Second time today stuck. Then came the line of the day from the female ride op. "I don’t know where the other train is." Wow….not exactly what I want to hear. We got off and left the station after a few minutes and saw the train stuck on the mid course breaks. It was there for a while.

Rode the monorail, which is a nice ride. Why does it stop to a very slow crawl over the water park? I thought it was broke.

Big Dipper was a nice ride. I liked the lay out. This was the only ride running one train. I’ll give Geagua Lake credit for running two trains on most everything when there were not a lot of people there. One park in particular that I also visited on this trip had twice the people in the park but only ran one train on everything.

Tim opted on of Time Warp. Just like the top spin, I laughed all the way through.

Dominator was back up, got a couple more rides. Same for Villian, Steel Venom and X flight. There was nobody here. Longest wait was like 10 minutes for Big Dipper because they were running one train. Where was everyone ?!?! Not that I was complaining, but a beautiful Sunday in May, I guess they really do have to win back a lot of people.

Raging Wolf Bobs was down all day. They were still re-tracking, but I didn’t see anyone working on it this day.

You can tell this is a park in transition. At least they have a good foundation to work with, but it is almost too big if they want to just have it be a family fun park. They have a ton of room to work with. The employees were a mixed bag. I’m guessing the ones who didn’t care were hold overs from Six Flags. We had done everything that we wanted to do multiple times, so we headed out early.

While leaving we saw park security with a scared, lost little girl. They seemed to be doing a good job in trying to keep her calm and find her family. We drove about an hour to get closer to our next park, Kennywood. *** Edited 6/7/2004 2:38:08 PM UTC by ChiDan1972***

ChiDan1972 said:Rode the monorail, which is a nice ride. Why does it stop to a very slow crawl over the water park? I thought it was broke.

I hope I don't get in trouble for posting, and all I can post, if allowed, is what is observable by everyone.

The ride is supposed to slow down like that. Does it every time. Sorry that you thought it was broken, but slowing down there is just normal.


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