My First Big Coaster Trip Part 11 (IB 6/5)

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Day Sixteen Saturday June 5

Got to Indiana Beach about 1030. The parking was a bit confusing, as you pass a lot that says free parking, then come up upon another lot. The first lot is just an oveflow lot. I found a close spot in the main lot.

Got a 11 to 6 P. M. wristband, turned around and noticed the entrance to the Hoosier Huricane. I got in line at the bottom of the stairs and waited for the line to open. Wow, is that a lot of steps or what?

Got in towards the front. A nice out and back with moments of great air. The location is great too as you dive to the water and come back up. The speed doesn’t let up. They were only running the Diet Coke train, as the Coke train would be on the transfer track all day. At least the lines never got too bad.

After that I noticed at the bottom of the exit they have a sign that points you towards the Cornball Express, so I followed it. Another hike up to the station. I hoped in the back, knowing this was more of a twister. I was not disappointed. It threw me around, as well as giving some great air. The first drop was great. This was yet another park with two great woodies on my trip.

I walked over to the Tigg’rr and got on after a very short wait. I like the sign that says you shouldn’t ride if you had a broken collar bone. I can see why too, as that first drop into the turn really throws you against the side of the train. No restraints?! That is interesting. A decent ride.

I hoped on the new flying scooters, Air Crow. A great setting. As with many of the rides there, it is a platform on the water. Unfortunately, I don’t think these aren’t snapp-able. I tried and couldn’t get it to do it. The cycle was also very short.

I got in line for Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain…whew. It broke down while I was in line so I got a taco and walked to the other end of the boardwalk. I hoped on the flying swings. Another great setting as you float over the water.

Galaxie was finally up and running so I hoped on. Even for a Saturday lines weren’t too bad. Galaxie was a fun ride. It reminded me of Wildcat at Cedar Point, except with two cars together at the same time.

I noticed something going on with their chaos ride as they kept opening and closing it all day. I still have yet to ride one of those.

Den of lost Theives was up next. I scored 360. It was a fun ride.

The Double Shot was up next. Just like Liberty Launch, it gives two pops of air.

Cookie Dough Dippin’ Dots…..very good.

I did the Dr. Frankenstein haunted house. It was REALLY dark in there. Two teenage girls were following me, like I had any clue what to do?! It got a bit redundant at the end as I was this close to just taking one of the emergency exits.

I saw that LoCoSuMo was now running so I got in the full que. It only took about 25 minutes, the longest wait of the day. I had to sit facing backwards, so I couldn’t really see anything. As the sign says, it is a bone shattering experience…but hey, I survived Viper at SFGAdv, so this was a piece of cake.

I then got on the falling star. This ride was more forceful than I thought. I also rode the Paratrooper ride.

After that I hit the Hurricane and Express a couple of more times. Both are top ten contenders in the wood category.

Indiana Beach has a very interesting lay out with everything just placed on top of each other. It can be confusing, but the signs really help you out.

I played some Simpson’s pinball. Cool game.

I hit Tigg’rr and Galxie again, as well as a couple more rounds on the Dynamic Duo of Hurricane and Express.

I took a ride on the sky ride and snapped a few photos.

I took one more ride on HH and CE and left for home. Eleven parks, ten of them brand new to me. I had a great time and can’t wait for my next road trip.

I noticed the same thing about Air Crow. I just couldn't get it to play. Seemed like maybe they are running it a bit on the slow side. It was fun flying out over the water though.

Chidan I just missed you by a day as I was there on Friday. Scored the exact same as you on DOLT. Fun ride although I get the creeps in dark rides and am always relieved when they're over.

CE and HH were running great...gave me lots of airtime! I didn't ride LoCoSuMo facing backwards on either of my rides, and I think I'm grateful for that. I could've reached out and touched the track with my foot from the skyride if I had of wanted to. Amazing how close those 2 rides are built to each other...well actually how close all the rides are built to each other! IB is a great park, and I wish we had it here in Nashville.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
You have enough cool stuff in Nashville. Quit being greedy. ;)

Down is the new up.
Haha Word! Yeah you must mean like our ever so cool Pinfari. :-P

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
thrillerman, if you don't like the dark, you would have hated that haunted house. Like I said, it was too dark to even really enjoy it. And also the teenage girls grabbing at my shirt were just that...teenage girls.

Although I was in Indiana..........

Please wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop. Push down, then pull up on your lap bar. Thank and enjoy the rest of your day at CoasterBuzz.

Yeah haunted houses are not my thing unless I'm RIDING through them. I can't stand to walk through them. Reminds me of the time I sucker punched the guy who jumped out at me in the dark at SFOG's walk through.

I was surprised Dr. Frankenstein was an upcharge attraction.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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