My First Big Coaster Trip Part 10 ( SFKK/HW 6/4)

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Day Fifteen Friday June 4

Started out driving to Kentucky Kingdom about 830, got to the park about 1030. It turns out they open at 11, I don’t know why I thought it was 10. Got inside and waited for them to drop the ropes. The security guy took them down and told us to wait as they still weren’t ready. Of course about 15 kids walked through and acted like the guy was speaking French when he told them to wait.

Came across Greased Lightning. I only got to ride it once as the Tidal Wave a while back. I qued up for the back and took a look at the control panel. It still said Viper on it, and said it was on a ride cycle near 28,000. Does that seem kinda low for a shuttle coaster that has been running for well over 20 years?

Anyway, it is a great ride. Not the most powerful of launches, especially after doing Dragster on this trip, but still a fun ride. It still gives a nice pop of air on the back spike, and that loop is really forceful.

The park is laid out rather odd. About one fourth on one side and the rest across a bridge that seems like it takes forever to get over. Got to Chang and it was a walk on, running one train of course. It wasn’t as rough as I thought it was going to be. It was very forceful as I almost grayed out at one point.

T2 was next. I braced myself for the worst, and got bounced around a bit. I remember hearing that they were going to retheme this as a batman. That would have been a disgrace to not only the ride, but the comic book character. Vekmoa should stop making these, as B and M just puts them to total shame in this ride category. At least with the flying coaster they were in the same ballpark.

Found the entrance to the Twisted Twins…and I’m not even sure how I did. Did I mention how this park’s lay out stinks? The ride was only running one side…and you guessed it one train. I rode of the sides and had an ok ride. I’m not sure if it was Stella or Lola.

I got something to eat as I noticed the water park opened. It has a nice look, and an interesting location, inside the park. Its kinda small, but looked very popular.

I got a ride on Quake. A very interesting ride…is there anyway they could do this ride with the flips of a regular Top Spin? That would be insane.

I noticed that they were finally starting to work on Thunder Run. Maybe it would open. I got a ride on the flying shoe thing while they worked on it. That is an odd looking ride. The Roller Skater was a quick credit. A fun ride for kids. I sat by the entrance of Thunder Run, and maybe it was because of the blue shirt I was wearing, but everyone came up to me asking about the ride.

After waiting 45 minutes they finally opened it. The ride was ready for about 30 minutes, but they couldn’t get a ride crew for it. This is a six flags park after all.

Why does this ride only have one train? Can’t every coaster support two trains?

Thunder Run is a good ride. That first drop into that fly around by the water park was great, and there were numerous pops of air, especially in the back. I got two quick rides.

It was about 2 and I was getting tired of this park already. I decided to go to Holiday World, but thought on the way out I would hit the Wild Mouse and the Breakdance.

The Road Runner Express was a nice mouse ride. The only mice I’ve ridden are the ones at Hershey and the spinning one at Disney, so they are still kinda new to me. I like the experience, except for this cackling’ white trash lady who was in the front row, who somehow ended up on the other side of the car. Don’t ask.

The Breakdance took forever to load and unload. I was soon regretting my choice. The ride is an interesting experience.

I skipped on the helivator, as its just a shorter giant drop. I like the placement of it, right in front of the gates. Most parks have a carousel up front, not a major thrill ride.

Thanks to the generous exchange rates in Indiana, I got an hour back. So I left SFKK at about 330, I pulled into Holiday world at 345. The park was closing at 7 so I had a lot to do. Well, two things at least.

Got the discounted ACE ticket and was in. Came up to the Raven first. I like how the one female op would wave the train all the way to the lift hill, in a creepy way. I had chills going up the lift the first time, I’m not sure why. Also, why only one train?

The ride delivered. Great first drop, and I think it was the third drop gave a great pop of air. It had a little of everything, a turn over water, use of the terrain, and speed. Great ride.

After two more rides, I realized I had to hit the Legend. This had a bit more of wait, and was only running one of the trains. Oh well, why should any of the coasters I ride today run more than one train??

I liked the schoolhouse station, and really dug the theming effects on the ride (no spoilers).
Another great ride. Tons and tons of lateral G’s which arent my favorite. There was also air and speed, as well as a trip through the water park, although too fast to see anything. I got a few drops of water from one of the slides. The ops for both rides did a good job.

I got some free diet Pepsi and quickly ran to see the rest of the park.

One let down was their flying scoters. I don’t know if the op saw me about to start snapping or what, but that has to be one of the most neutered ride programs every. I don’t think it lasted longer than a minute! I wasn’t about to waste my time on a re ride.

Libery Launch was fun for being so short. Two good pops of air.

After that the rest of the day was spent between the Legend and the Raven. I think I got about 7 on raven and 5 on legend. All the park employees I encountered were really great…almost bordering on Disney! What a shock from a six flags park to this! I will defiantly come back and spend some more time next time. I started the drive to Indiana Beach, but had to try three hotels to get a room. I thought I would be sleeping in my car!

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