My experience on the NITRO!

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First of all, that is an amazing park!!.. It was JULY 12 2004.

I went with my mother, sister and my brother. We drove over there from NYC and it took us like 2 hours to get there. When we got there we were so anxious to pay for the tickets. We got in the park and ran to nitro. the time was 10:30 am and there was a little of people comparing in the afternoons. We waited a while on the line to get on nitro since there wasnt a lot of people. On the line i was nervous that i didnt even feel like talking to my siblings. They were nervous too, they just didnt want to admit. So we went onto the front row of the ride which i didnt want to but i just got in since it was too late. Then the ride got out of the station and i was nervous, i was already gettin butterflies in my stomach..i was so serious! it went up the hill and it took a pretty long time to get up there. i look down and i was amazed,i couldnt believe how high we were, people look like ants from up there! it was type windy that day and as we got higher it got more windier and that made me more nervous. so then it was time for the drop, i was screaming so loud and the drop was so steep that it actually feels as if u're going to fly out of your chair,especially if u're on the front row. the speed was unbelieable,i have never gone on a coaster so fast like nitro. you can feel your cheeks flapping like if it was paper. i was scared but at the same time it was fun..The adrenaline rush that u get on this ride is so GOOD!...i would recommend any one to get on this is worth the wait and time. the ride itself is not that long! REMEMBER.. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!!!!thanks for reading!!

I agree Nitro is a great ride. It is currently my 2nd fav. steel coaster. We drove there last year (10 hours from the Cleveland are) and we had a wonderful time. I love Nitro. We were able to bang out 4 rides on it. It was my first visit to the park, and I have to say that SFGadv is a great park. They have a really good selection of rides and coasters. It will be a park that I will be returning too.

I will still take MF as my personal Fav, (alough I have never been on SROS @ New England) however Nitro is right behind. Nitro offers great height, great speed, and great length. All in all Nitro is a GREAT COASTER!

There is no such thing as a terrible Coaster just ones that haven't been taken care of

Nitro is great. I love it more than MF and I am a CP fan boy. I just wish that I lived a little closer to SFGADV.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

NITRO is hyped alot but yes it is a great ride. A funny thing is that lady who give that "on-ride description" in the travel channel show from three or four years ago. One of my favorite lines, right at the block brake, she says as she is hyperventilating, "And it's not over yet!" Maybe I have a wierd sense of humor but I just found that to be hillarious.
The Nitro is fun. They staple you like crazy though in comparison to the Raging Bull and the Apollo's Chariot.
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B&M hypers would all be a LOT more fun if they'd figure out that your butt needs to be closer to the rails....increases the *feeling of speed* immensely. Oh, and those brakes? Come ON, ease down, the rides are built to COAST (hence the name)... ;)
Staple? They barely touched our restraints last Saturday night on Nitro.

Watch the tram car please....
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I absolutely LUST Nitro! I might even be my favorite coaster in the park. ;-) It's in my top 5 steelies.

Yes, I admit it. :-P


I must be the only one who doesn't like Nitro

<---ducking from chairs being thrown

I just thought RB kicked more arse than Nitro, and there was hardly any airtime on Nitro then there was on RB

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crazy, did you get a back row ride or a night ride? In those two situations I have felt Nitro pop air on most hills. Two hills gave me very nice floater air last Saturday in the back row. *** Edited 7/1/2005 5:45:33 PM UTC by dragonoffrost***

Watch the tram car please....
Yeah it was the back seat, I was disappointed with the ride as I was expecting to have the same kind of airtime as RB but it didn't deliver half of what RB did, in fact, my buddies and I rode RB like 4-5 times the day we were at SFGam.

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