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So I'm pretty new to this forum as I post in others as well. Heere are some pics I took one boring day at the DLR.

Well here we go haha. So me and my sis went to DCA first because we felt like it lol. So here are alot of random pictures....

TZTOT pic We then rode this ride with no wait.

Sexy rapids pic

Christmas tree in DCA

Sun wheel and Malliboomer.

Orange Stinger.

Cali Screamin

So we now decide to ride California Screaming which had a short wait.

What could be going on in here?

Sun wheel..

A freakish dinosaur haha

Then on to a small wait for Mullholland Madness.

Oh God!

Omgosh!!! Its lightnin' McQueen!!!!!111!!!!! :p

The wheel 0.o

Now To Disneyland.....

We went to Star Tours and noticed something upon exiting the ride.

Wheres the energizer bunny!?!?!

We went to look at Space Mountain....

10 minutes!!! Are you kidding ? No way am I waiting 10 minutes for that wild mouse on steroids :p

Matterhorn is still under refurbishment.

We did ride Big Thunder....

Random Signage.

Aladdins court

Then to Indy we went....

My flash disturbed the bats. I hate bats.

Oh no Mike what are you doing here?

No Noelle! DOnt take the hat!!!!!

Good advice.

Not so good advice :p

Jungle Cruise pics! Woo hoo haha

Ah a map

Our boats diagram

Do I see checkmate?

Oh God the piranahs!

We made it...

Tight Castle pic

Blurry wreath.

Night pics

And thats all folks! Hope you enjoyed this and will comment it.

Look Out Its Medusa Man!
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I'd love to see the pics...just neeed some links. :)

Oh my bad they should be working...Hang on...

Look Out Its Medusa Man!

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