My day at SFKK 6/22

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I started the day off with a ride on the Sky Coaster. I had never been on one before, but in my opinion it was one of the best rides I've ever been on. I'm going to SFGAm this weekend and I'm going to compare the Sky Coaster to a flying. Next I rode Chang which is definatly SFKK's main attraction. I think that Chang is a better ride than Mantis any day. Next I went to ride RR Express with my little brother. To me it wasn't very fun at all, but my little bro seemed to like it a lot. After that was Thunder Run. There was a horrible wait for it and I stood in line for it about 2 hours. I really think that they should find a way to get 2 trains on it. After that I went to go ride Twisted Twins, and both tracks are great rides. I reode both of them 3 times. Then I found my bro and grandma and we had lunch. I rode a earthquake, Chaos, and the swinging ship with my bro and then headed off to T2. Despite people saying that it's the world's worst headbanger I was optomistic about riding it. I waited almost 1hr. 30min. to get a front seat ride to try it out. I'm really disapointed about it. It plain out SUCKED! I think they should tear it down and build anything else. I think a Deja Vu would go good in SFKK if Deja Vu's ever get working right. Then I went to go ride Greezed Lighting with my little bro. For a 25 year old coaster it's really fun. Th best seat I think is in the front because when you go through the loop backwards it feels great, I can't explain it any other way. Finall my day came to an end and I took one last ride on Chang and left for the day.

I was very suprised by how crowded SFKK was. I expected walk ons for everything except Chang, but every ride had about a 20min. plus wait. The ride ops weren't very friendly except on Sky Coaster, Chang and Twisted Twins where they tried to keep people occupied and keep the rides going quickly. The park is very well landscaped and very clean. The only meal I had was really good. I enjoyed the park a lot except for the long lines (which compared to CP are short). That's all for this TR, and I'm going to be posting one on SFGAm sometime next week after I visit.


Did they run two trains on Chang or T2?
I'm soooooo glad that Greezed Lightning is up and running 'cause
i'm gonna go tuesday. I heard it had some track missing!
This place would be be a nightmare for midgets.
Did you say Earthquake? Holy cow the thing isn't a statue....

Last time I was at KK they were running two trains on Chang and T2 with NO statcking, the crew on Chang was even saying hurry up guys before we get in trouble.

The TR crew however is atrocious. The head op does more socializing then oping.


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