My compressed, but still LOOONG summer TR.

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First park: Frontier City

My impression of this park is that it is very clean, very clean, very well themed and very empty.

The river rapid rides is awesome, gets you very wet and is a whole lot of fun. Erruption was different, it is stuck in option 1 so it was so so, but still awesome in its bizarreness. The drop tower,well it sucks worse than any S&S has ever.

Silver Bullet 7/10
Back seat is the best ride, a good moment of air on the second drop and a little jolt on the little bunny hop, it is suprisingly rough and overal only ok. But the loop kis a$$.

Wildcat 7/10
This is almost a hidden gem, it is short, but the speed picks up quick and it stays fast,. The fourth hill has some surprsing air, which was a blast and the turnaround is fast and fun, but it is pretty much over after that.

Diamond Back 3/10
I had always heard good things about the Arrow shuttle loops, but this had me longing for boomerangs, well not really but darn close. It was rough and it hurt me in general I'm 6'4" so vekoma and arrow loopers bash the hell out of my shoulders.

Park 2 Silver Dollar City

This is the second year in a row I have been here, it completely rocks and it is host to one amazing steel coaster. With the lack of Buzzsaw Falls there wasn't a whole lot to do since TNT isn't all that great.

Wildfire 10/10 (Top Ten)
This is the most intense beemer I have been on to date, the airtime on the first drop is incredible and the inversions are superb, the ride gradually gets more intense, so the finale helix is very powerful.

Park 3 Celebration City
We bought the season pass to SDC and we went to Celebration City after SDC closed and then went back the next day when it opened @ 2. I love this park also, the park is very clean and friendly, much like SDC, and the rides rock. Fireball is the best non coaster ride here, you just don't get bad rides on this.

Ozark Wildcat 10/10 (Top Ten)
This ride is just absolutely incredible, only 88' tall and less than 2700' long but it has 8 moments of great airtime, and the turns are very forceful, not to mention the ride is smooth and the finale is something to be reckoned with.

Thunderbolt 7/10
Well it is small and it is compact, it is also fast and the mid ride dive is horrifying, the ending helix's are powerful, but watch out for the brakes they brake FAST.

Jack Rabbit 6/10
You get some great airtime on this little ride, but you get more pain than you should. You come off slightly battered and bruised.

3rd Park: Indiana Beach

This is a ghetto little park, this is the third year I've been here and I love to hate it, or hate to love it. The highlight of the day is they had an awesome little arcade with 2 DDR machines. Cornball sucked this year, which almost brought me to tears since it was battling for my favorite ride on the planet.

Cornball Express 9/10
This year corny blowed, the last two years it was eaither hot or raining, this year it was neither and the airtime just was dissapointing. I hope it speeds up next season, because this was dissapointing.

Hoosier Hurricane 7/10
I'm not going to waste a lot of words on this so I'll just say this: So what?

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain 7/10
It is a brutal little ride with a lot of padding and no room in the cars, it is fun in a sadistic way but a bit disturbing going along the course. Warning: The double down is nothing short of terrifying.

Galaxi 8/10
This wasn't running last year but we got to ride it, and got to ride in the back seat. This Galaxi's have some of the scariest airtime on any coaster because you are barely held in, and it is forceful enough to induce a scream.

Park 4: Holiday World
This is amusement park heaven, and the people are so nice and awesome. It was about 75 degrees out and was sprinkling the entire day so the lines for Raven and Legend were some of the longeast of the entire trip. We waited for an hour at one point for Raven and about 40 Minutes for Legend. But lines slowly dwindled.

Raven 10/10 (Top Ten)
This is just a masterpiece, it is so fast and powerful. The pothole on the fuirst drop is now gone and man it just made this ride better, the drop still has some of the best airtime out there and the finale is just insane.

Legend 10/10 (Top Ten)
Last year I wasn't overly impressed with Legend, but this year I completely fell in love with it, the first drop is now completely smooth thanks to retracking, and now I give it the award for best first drop on a wooden coaster because you get insane air and it gets you going so fast and so forceful.

Park 5: Dollywood
This was my most anticipated park of the trip, my first impression of the park is Silver Dollar City(I realize that it used to be a silver dollar city) with less hills and more trees in the back. The park is absolutely huge and takes you nearly a half an hour to walk from Thunderhead to Tennessee Tornado. Thew river rapids sucks, the deredevil falls rocks and the little flume is cute.

Thunderhead 9/10
I was expecting a LOT more than what I got, it was being called the best coaster on the planet, well whoever said that was drunk, because it isn't even close. I will have to compare this to better Ozark Wildcat: The airtime isn't as good, it technically has the same number of moments of airtime, but none of them are as good as OW, and the turns don't have the same lateral g's as OW. The layout can't be beat, and the s curve is awesome but OW on a boring flat piece of land still is better than this terrain twister.

Tennessee Tornado 8/10
The back is fun, it was the loopscrews dissorienting, but up front it is a little to rough, it is a fair coaster but nothing to write home about.

Park 6: Six Flags Over Georgia
This is an awesome SF park, and we would not have been able to do this park without the Q-Bot, we were able to get numerous rides on rides that had an hour long line. I stupidly reserved them so we had to dash from Batman and Superman in 15 minutes, and we BARELY made it.

Batman 9/10
I personally think that this is the best of the 6 batmans I have ridden, it is intense, completely smooth and very thrilling still.

Superman: Ultimate Flight 9/10
The best part is obviously the pretzel loop, but the rest of the ride can hold its own. It is a completely fun ride that will have you going "This is so Cool." This one is better than the SFGA one because it fits in the twerrain a lot more naturally, obviously.

Georgia Cyclone 7/10
This was just to rough do to horrible PTC trains, the bottoms of all the hills jam the hell out of you and it shuffles horribly in the turns. But the airtime on drops 2, 3, and 4 are wicked. Drop four off of turn 2 is some of the most surprising out there, but is followed by another horrible jam.

Georgia Scorcher 9/10
I've never like standups, but this was surprisingly one of the best in the park. It has an awesome little layout and you get about 4 moments of neat air in the back. It isn't overly intense to the point of hurting and the ride is short enough so you don't have to stand for all that long.

Mindbender 9/10
I think the front is the money seat because on the entrance to 2 of the turns you get some good air on the pop, the entrance after the "3rd" loop gives you some amazing airtime as you pop through the trees, and of course the loops are awesome as always.

Great American Scream Machine 7/10
Since we Q-Botted the ride, we got a complete crap seat, front of third car, but from watching everyone else on the ride not a whole lot of airtime was given, it has good speed, a great setting and layout but it didn't really perform.

Ninja 6/10
The ride isn't overly rough, but is still uncomfortable for me. The coaster is amazing to lookout since it basically is a not, but it wans't anything incredible to ride, the most noteworthy is the cool headchoppers, some of the best in existance.

Part deux ready soon

I have only been to SFOG of all the parks you visited, but I couldn't agree more with your Cyclone review. As for GASM, that was my favorite coaster in the park! Maybe I caught it on a good day. :)

How could an Arrow shuttle be rough? Just seems strange, but I've never been on one.

Nice TR, sounds like you had a great summer! *** Edited 8/18/2004 8:08:57 AM UTC by GoliathKills***

There is still more to come! It does seem strange that an Arrow loop would be rough but the loop is so small and you get going pretty fast so the g's are intense, painful because you will hit you head on the back or it will get thrown foward or something of that nature.
I have one question: How can a coaster that Blows get a 9 out of 10 and a coaster you feel "so what" about get a 7?

I would think a so what warrants at the very highest a 5, and a coaster that blows gets below that...

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