My California Trip, Part Three

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Monday, June 30, 2003 5:42 PM
Day 5 of my trip began with the short drive from my Hotel to Knott’s Berry Farm, upon arrival I discovered that it must be day camp day as there were lots of little kiddies in YMCA shirts and a bunch of frazzled Teens trying to control them.

As I was waiting in line, I happened to be in front of a couple of newly Wed, ACE’ers when the saw my CB shirt, they started up a conversation, come to find out they are from Northern Indian, small world huh!! We discussed the “incident” down south and as the gate finally opened headed off to Xcelerator.

We got there soon after they opened the gate, and walked, yes walked onto rows one and two, Yippee. What a rush, although the acceleration is shorter than TTD, it is much more intense as long as it lasts, one thing about Knott’s, no glasses even with a strap. This is a cool ride but it seems far too short, shorter than TTD actually, anyway we got off and quickly walked around for back car rides again with no wait. This is a fine Coaster.

Next up, Boomerang. What is up with no glasses on a Boomerang??? Do I need to say anything about one of these, next What was I thinking, Hammerhead??? Thank God the Water was broken!!

Calico Mine, honorary mine ride in my book, it may be powered but it feels like a slow coaster. It’s kind of kooky but a fun look at a fake gold mine.

Montezuma’s Revenge, Gota love a Shuttle Loop, so quiet compared to the weight drop model.

Jaguar, is this longest kiddy coaster or what, and of course this is where I ran into all the kiddies again, screams galore.

Hey this is Knott’s gota have the Chicken dinner, yummy and the pie oh my, the Duck liked his dinner roll too.

From there it was a walk around to let the food settle, I enjoyed walking around the Ghost town and looking at the nicely restored DGRW C-19 No. 340. From there I made the longest wait all week for Ghostrider. CF does own more than one good woody. It’s a nice ride somewhere between 6-8 in my loose coaster rating scale.

After giving up the ghost, I walked around to the back of the park and checked out the Time Machine, what a silly dark ride but it was fun, but why does the ceiling look like someone took an ax to it?

At about Three, I left the park and drove back to that big Garage in Anaheim again.I did a quick tour around California Adventure getting second rides on Mulhaland Madness, Calf. Screemin’, and Soaring over Calf. I also got a ride on the Sun Wheel, that thing is just plain fun.

From there I returned to Disneyland, where I rode the other side of Matterhorn ate a quick snack for dinner and rerode a few of my favorites in Fantasyland, the Haunted Mansion, The Pirates and took the Train all the way around. Before leaving I sat and watched the Disneyland College Show Band Preform on Main Street finally leaving about 9:30.

I forgot to mention in part two that in the evening I visited Mickey’s Toon Town, ate at the Hungry Bear, rode It’s A small World. What was I thinking????, and Last but not least took a Star Tour, finally got a center seat in the front so I didn’t get sick this time like I did in Florida.

The last and final report will be about the Pacific Coast Highway, the rich and famous, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Finally Marine World

Pictures can be seen here


Beware of Kiddie Coasters
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Wednesday, July 2, 2003 7:32 PM
Awesome Dave. Knott's sounds so awesome.



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