My Buddy And I are not happy with SFA.

The best stations are the ones that have next to no room for individual row lines (3, 4 train wait at the most) or ones where the park limits who gets into the station (Maverick, MF) because when you get to row lines and have groups trying to get on the same train, the less people the better. Also, the lines move super slow once your in the row queues. That's way baring the monitored queues the 4 across B&M stations are the best, not a single one of them actually has a wait for the rows longer then 3 trains (most of the time its 1-2) with the exception of the front row.

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mfivsdarienlake said:
I gotta admit i kinda miss the dude, lol!

Just who do you think his buddy is? Yes, it is BatwingFan. I don't know, the park has a new GM, some of you may know him, John Winkler from Great Adventure. He made a pretty good impression at a recent ACE event held at the park.

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A day at the park is what you make it!

why are they tearing out the boomerang? That's one of their (few) good attractions.

Two Face has given the park a black eye twice in the past five years by stranding riders on the lift and causing a big buzz with the media. I don't think SF wants to take anymore changes like that especially after what happened at SFKK.

A day at the park is what you make it!

Jeffrey Seifert said:
It sounds like they are letting people in through the exit or boarding the train from the fast pass line. If my park did that, I would probably be aggravated too. The ideal (or should I say less evil) way to do it is to let the flash pass people in the queue right at the station platform. From there they merge with everyone else, and choose whatever seat they want by standing in front of the appropriate queue gate line. They may have to wait a few trains, but at least everyone gets to choose which seat they want, and no one gets bumped right before they are ready to board.

Yeah,that's how they run the flashpass system in the park but what really got me last season was the mandatory loading of flashpass riders into an entire train....effectively reserving that train(usually blue) just for them.That in addition to the lack of new cap ex spending on new rides for the ride park,coupled with removal after removal without replacements led me to abandon support for the park.

Come 09 a new era dawns for me with the purchase of a KD season pass.I'm already looking forward to another great season there & the three flats they're adding (thank you GL & CF) will be a welcome addition to an already great lineup of attractions at the park,as well as the minor improvements of paint & new trains for a couple of rides.....I'm crossing my fingers for that rumored hyper in 2010 but Dominator is enough to keep me satisfied with the park from a coaster standpoint for the time being.

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