My BooBuzz Weekend (novel-length with pics)

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Monday, October 23, 2006 10:54 PM
I think I'd rather buy a GonchBot than make an appointment. It gives me more flexibility.
Monday, October 23, 2006 11:17 PM
Lord Gonchar's avatar

The major road that I live close to has four McDonald's within about six miles.

Wow, that's nuts. I wonder what the highest McD's density is? When we lived in Jacksonville, we had 4 Blockbuster stores within a 5 mile drive from our place. (unrelated, but equally ridiculous)

I think I'd rather buy a GonchBot than make an appointment.

It's all part of my conspiracy. I intentionally make myself unavailable to sell GonchBots.

Monday, October 23, 2006 11:22 PM
rollergator's avatar Conspiracy? Sounds like good business to me... ;)
Monday, October 23, 2006 11:30 PM
Lord Gonchar's avatar It's Bizzaro-thread! :)
Monday, October 23, 2006 11:55 PM
As someone who takes his nametag off immediately after the ERT/meal at events that hand them out, I can tell you a nametag will only help you spot me during limited times.

However, apparently my VOICE is now a tip-off. Good to know, huh? :)

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 12:04 AM
Wow, I'm glad I was at that other Cedar Fair park in Doswell, VA. I don't think I could've handled the crowds at CP. I don't know if it's a Cedar Fair thing, but the amount of fog machines they had at PKD on Sunday was ridiculous! The only thing that stood-out was Drop Zone due to its white lighting.

BTW, Thanks for keeping the pics small LG (however you do it). They loaded quite fast on the dial-up:)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 10:04 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar Gonchbots.....LMAO!
Tuesday, October 24, 2006 11:19 AM
LuvRaptor's avatar That same Saturday (2nd to last weekend before closing) always is a killer. My guess is that people who have had tiks all season wait till the 2nd to last or last Saturday to go to the park.

On Raptor in '03 we still had a FULL queue at 1am. I remember at lunch hearing the blue tags considering parking people in the employee parking lots and busing them into the park on the employee buses!
I told Bill Spehn I swore there were a million people in the park that day!

I don't think we put Raptor away for the night till past 2am. The crew was so exhausted the TL ok's us coming back early the next day to clean the queues. Which btw, were TRASHED!!

Several of us fell asleep in the bus on the causeway cause we were stuck there for almost an hour. Very hard day/evening needless to say! :(

I hope for the employees sake this Saturday better for them! :)

My apologies again to all you CoasterBuzzers for not introducing myself. I am sure if my tattoos were on display or I had worn one of my gazillion Raptor shirts you could have easily figured out who I was :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1163 :)

'00 '02 '03 '09 Raptor Crew
2018 - present Mako Crew

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 1:09 PM
The heck with name tags--- go with T-shirts with everybody's names on them, sorta like the Mouseketeers. Neon chartreuse to really stick out in the crowd and the fog.
Tuesday, October 24, 2006 1:36 PM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar ^LMAO!

Now THAT is scary! ;) That would stand out more than those 70's satin ACE jackets. :)


Tuesday, October 24, 2006 1:54 PM
Jeff's avatar Hey, you can buy yellow, pink and bright green CoasterBuzz T-shirts in the store.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Silly Nonsense

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 5:23 PM
For an extra five bucks, you should be able to get your buzz handle added. :)

BTW, how come the thongs aren't in bright colors? (Now that's one event you'd NEVER see me at)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 5:33 PM
CPLady's avatar Y'mean the thongs are still available?? I should check them out. (now there's a lovely thought, eh?)

Jo, if you were wearing a reddish color jacket, then I believe I saw you. I know, I should have said howdy.

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10:47 PM
You know, in my next life, I'm coming back as Lord Gonchar. . .

In this one, I'm just going to have to be content to be a Gonch acolyte. . .

Gonch puts the cool in coasterbuzz. . .(?)

Yeah, I guess that works. It's late. . .

BTW, in re-reading this thread, how is it that it veered off into the McDonald's thing. . .that was so strange. Is there a segue that I missed? Sometimes I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box but I thought that was pretty good one. However, the McDonaldsization of America would make a pretty good thread. But FOUR of them in such close proximity--God knows people would never WALK to any of them. They, most assuredly, would have to DRIVE THROUGH. I always try and at least get out of the car and GO IN and get my fast food. It somehow makes me feel as if I've earned it!!

Anyway, there's my contribution to the stream-of-consciousness thing. . .


Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:19 PM
I know my wife thinks I am a dork but the first thing I did when I got my PointBuzz shirt was to put my screen name on the back with iron ons. I think it is a good way to identify yourself to all the other buzzers.
Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:52 PM
Gonch, did you say anything about the key mishap? To strand you in the cold after shoving out a decent amount of money to stay there that’s pretty poor service. That’s probably the only bad thing I’ve found about the resorts over the years. While your paying 3-4 star prices for the great rooms and location, service seems average (probably due to the volume). My experience is Check in times are usually long and it takes a while to get things sometimes.

Food service isn’t anything special, but this time of year is horrible. Most of the foreign kids are gone and they short staffed. Having record days just makes it a big mess.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:58 PM
Lord Gonchar's avatar Yeah, we were a little miffed at how non-responsive they seemed to be.

The CP resorts leave a lot to be desired (often in service, sometimes in quality) and we've had a couple of bad experiences there.

Still the convenience of being on property is so great that we always tend to overlook things when it's time to find a place to stay.

And my wife is in the industry, we could stay off property for next to nothing.

I think that says a lot for how great it is being in one of the CP resorts - we're willing to overpay for mediocre lodging.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 2:58 PM
And that is why I don't expect Resorts to change significantly anytime soon.

Though, I suppose the question is: could they overcharge even more if they actually offered a quality product, rather than merely a convenient one?

-brian, who's guilty as charged when it comes to overlooking shortcomings and booking CP Resorts despite them.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 3:21 PM
Lord Gonchar's avatar No, I don't think they could. It's the convenience that sets the price point, not the product. (as we kind of stated)

Even if they opened a 5-star resort somewhere on the penninsula and jacked up the rates accordingly in comparison to what sits there now, the cost would probably outweigh the convenience.

I'm wondering how often some of the suites/upgraded rooms at breakers sell at the crazy-high rates they have them set at. Probably just enough. Then again, the supply is limited. I'm sure they're at a point that works for them with the 'top of the line' rooms. I really don't think another property of high quality could sustain.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 4:08 PM
Kick The Sky's avatar If you have ever stayed off site at Cedar Point you would realize how good you had it at the Cedar Point resort you stayed at. Every hotel I have stayed at off-site in the Greater Sandusky area has been a house of horrors. All of them rank in the top ten worst hotel stays of all time in my book. Last time I went I tried the Breakers Express and had an INFINATELY better stay, even though it would still not rank anywhere near hotels I have stayed at in other cities.

I honestly think that all the rejects that could not get jobs at the park are the ones that staff the hotels and restaurants outside the park.

Certain victory.


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