My AWESOME amusement park trip. Park 1 out of 4: Dorney Park

We were staying in Philly and saw all of the historical stuff and had extra time. My family and I decided to go to... Dorney Park!

The drive to Dorney is super confusing. We all agreed that it was a weird spot to put an amusement park.

We arrived at the park at about 6:30. I was so excited. U should have seen me, I was practically screaming!

We hit Demon Drop first. The reason why, I had really wanted to try an Intamin First Generation Drop Tower. I'd never been on one before, since they took Freefall out of Magic Mountain. Anyway, It had a five minute wait. My mom, who gets motion sickness, rode with us and freaked out when they held us at the top. I laughed. The ride was pretty cool. It was a bit uncomfortable though. 8 out of ten

Thunderhawk was next. 1 train wait. I was a bit nervous since it was an old ride. But it was super smooth. Did they re-track it? The only con, it was too short. 7 out of ten.

We decided to do Steel force. 10 minute wait. What I noticed about Dorney's station gates is that you have to open them yourselves. hmmmmm? I really enjoyed Steel Force. It was my favorite ride there (I didn't ride Talon, though) It was smooth and I loved the tunnels. 9 out of ten

My brother and I did Possessed. 20 minute wait. I like possessed. It's my fave Impulse coaster. The brake really got me. 7 out of ten

We tried the Whip, which was okay. I liked it but it wasn't amazing. 6 out of ten

My dad and brother did Apollo while I did Enterprise. I had never been on an enterprise before so i was concerned when i didn't see a seatbelt. enterprise was really fun. 8 out of ten

It was getting dark. My brother and I did Meteor. It was good, but I liked Hammerhead shark WAAAAAAY better. 7 out of ten

My dad and i did hydra cuz my bro was not tall enough to ride. We sat in the front. 1 train wait. Jojo roll was awesome it was a fun ride but it lacked force like everyone says. 8 out of ten

Wild mouse was our last ride. I didn't like it cuz i slammed into the sides on the turns. 5 out of ten

I know this TR sucked but this happened like 3 weeks ago and I was kind of in a rush. thanks for reading!

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This TR does not suck. I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it too. It was concise and I could feel your excitement in your writing.

You skipped the best coaster in the park? Shame on you.

I love me my Meteor, but where, pray tell, is Hammerhead? I looked a coupla different ways on line and couldn't find it. Same type of ride?

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

I skipped talon because my brother is only 52 inches and he gets really upset when we go on rides he's not tall enough for. I REALLY wanted to ride talon but my dad says "It's just like silver bullet." ??? What??????????

And hammerhead is at six flags Discovery kingdom. It's the same type of ride.

thank you. i just thought it sucked compared to everyone elses and i thought i left out a little detail. but thanks

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When a trip report is too long, I don't read it carefully. I just skim over it. I like a good, short, to the point, Trip Report. A good writer knows what to leave out. I think you did really well. I wish more trip reports were like this.

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Thanks and yea i know what u mean. Some people don't use paragraphs

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Or capitalize "I", or end a sentence with punctuation. lol

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Or Maverick.

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So no one reads my TRs, then, if we are going by the short n sweet logic. *sigh* lol

I could also feel your excitement about Dorney, which is always nice for me to has been my home park for nearly 30 years. It did NOT used to be so hard to get into back in the day, but
The weird location of the entrance has gotten more and more difficult to find and access as the area gets more built up. Pain in the butt.

You got lucky with your Thunderhawk ride. Sit on a wheel seat and rue the day. Hehehe...

Bummer you missed Talon. It is a fantastic addition to any coaster enthusiast's count. Hope you get to hit that soon.

I'm not big on Meteor. I will ride it, but I don't get nearly thrilled enough to make up for hanging by my shoulders for long periods of time.

Really happy you enjoyed your visit! Come back again soon!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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coastersandbeyond said:

Thanks and yea i know what u mean. Some people don't use paragraphs

Or use complete words, instead of just letters.

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