My aunt freaking out on Scorpion video from *2007*

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I may have posted this back then, but it's so good either way. I had permission (this was July of 2007) to take my camera on the ride. My favorite part is when she turns around to look back.. then narrates :)

edit - just to clarify, I know the parks on ride camera policy is very strict and specific now - I had permission at the time of this video - 2007 :)

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I love that video, Billy.

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^Thanks Travis, me too :) My aunt loves coasters, but still freaks out on ANY coaster the first time.


Did you get her to ride Montu or Sheikra?

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I'm surprised they gave you permission to bring a camera on with you. I've been practically strip searched trying to enter some of the queues at BGT.


Awesome. Which ones?

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^^^Yes, she rode everything. She will ride all the coasters - but sometimes freaks out a bit if it's the first time on that particular coaster.

This is actually the aunt that taught me about the coasters at Great America (Gurnee) when I was a kid. I remember her explaining to me, in detail, how the Turn of the Century became the Demon :)

^^This was back in 2007 - and I found out (abruptly and rudely, on another forum) that their policy is very strict in regards to on-board cameras now.


It's a bummer about the camera policy, but I get it. Wasn't some lady hospitalized after getting bonked on the head with a cell phone while riding The Villian at Geauga Lake about ten years ago?

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If I recall correctly, she was hit in the head from a rock that was thrown by some teenage thugs from outside the park gates.

Actually, there were several rock throwing incidents on the Villian from the ground, and at least 1 highly publicized 'my cell phone left my hands' and struck another rider on a passing train. That led to a 6-figure settlement.

Was your lap bar on 1 click?


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The Comments about the Villain, and kids throwing rocks is probably true. I encountered a bunch of little rotten bastards at Geauga Lake the on my first visit. Throwing things from rides, swearing at anyone that walked by, and playing games on the rides, like moving from seat to seat on rides that were in motion.

I don't know what it was about that park, but there were a lot of rotten uncontrolled kids there. But, this was before Six Flags took over. Once that happened, the amount of those little monsters almost vanished. I'll bet you could probably blame them for the parks downfall. Not to mention the overly rough coasters, and, prices of everything going up almost 200 percent.

I actually liked Worlds of Adventure, even though the Loss of Seaworld probably ripped the heart out the park's appeal. I planned on going back, but, once Cedar Fair ruined it, I decided it wasn't worth the trip.

I don't follow the logic. Premier Parks (which purchased Six Flags and adopted the name) bought Geauga Lake from Funtime in 1995. If there had been trouble with hooliganism at the park prior to that time and SF fixed it by cleaning up the park, how in the world would that have contributed to the park's later downfall, either in 2004 (when they sold the park to Cedar Fair), or in 2007 when CF closed GL?

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Geauga Lake was always, from the time I was a kid (I'm talking 70's), serving a bit different of a class of people from, say, Cedar Point. That's not me saying it was crappy, but its proximity to the city and the focus on company picnics employing mostly "working class" folks definitely brought with it a "not as nice" vibe. The massive discounting by Six Flags probably didn't improve that, but I doubt it made it any worse.

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Geauga was surely the ... *trash* park (can't find a better word/term to use). I mean that with love of course - that's just the reputation it had. Same as comparing Americana to Kings Island.

We looooved going to the park while I worked at Cedar Point, mainly because Big Dipper was such a tremendous ride.

My friend who grew up near Cleveland used to go to the park while growing up, and told me of a visit to the park where they were giving out free cigarette samples at the gate. Times have changed for sure (thankfully)!


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