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Sunday, June 22, 2003 1:32 PM
Hey there! I'm posting this message to help out any other ride lovers who plan on taking a long first trip to CP. I've been into theme parks and thrill rides since an early age, and for the past few years I've been awaiting a chance to get to CP because of all the good things I've heard about it. Plus they have a huge collection of roller coasters and also flat rides (which too many parks are getting rid of lately). I got this chance earlier this month as I traveled hundreds of miles with my friend to go to this park. It was the second and last park on our trip (first was HersheyPark). Also, TTD was down both days, so I can't report on it. Be warned: I'm a critical person. This report isn't meant to offend anybody; it is just my reflections on the trip. I'll post the rides and my opinions in order of my going on them:

Day 1 (6/12)

1) Demon Drop--Rides: 1--Wait time: 20 mins--Rating: 6

This was an average free-fall type ride, like the one in SFGA. If you've done one, you've done 'em all. It was fun, but not worth much of a wait. I don't really understand why it's still there after Power Tower was built though....

2) Wicked Twister--Rides: 2--Wait times: 5 mins both times--Rating: 8

The suspense kills me on launched coasters! I liked it. For some reason I didn't get much of a thrill out of it though. I sat almost all the way in the back the 2nd time around to get more hangtime and it still didn't exactly thrill me to death. I'd definitely go on it again, but I wouldn't wait for more than 30 mins for it.

3) Troika--Rides: 1--Wait time: 5 mins--Rating: 5

Similar motion as a trabant, but you get even less of that great "tummy tickle" feeling. I was expecting the ride like BGW's Flying Machine and BGT's Sandstorm. I walked off with a grin though. Liked the way the car tilts you on your side.

4) Matterhorn--Rides: 1--Wait time: 2 mins--Rating: 4

I love spinny rides. This ride seemed kinda tame though. It goes on its side only a little bit, and the large number of little kids on it stresses the low thrills it gives. Thought it was disappointing. I was expecting the sort of motion like BGW's Sea Dragon, now defunct. Remember the ride where Apollo's Chariot now stands? ::sniffle::

5) Millennium Force--Rides: 1--Wait time: 1 hr--Rating: 10

This coaster was sooo much fun! Great airtime on the hills and a beautiful view going up the hill of the water on your left and the park on your right. The first drop was a rush! The overbanked turns were exciting. And the speed!! Great roller coaster more so because it wasn't a super thrill so much as it was just plain fun. Though I don't really see it being that one of a kind. Yes, it's one of the tallest and fastest but Apollo's Chariot in BGW bears a really close resemblance to MF to me. Enough being critical, I loved it and wished I could ride it over and over, hehe.

6) Corkscrew--Rides: 1--Wait time: 0 mins--Rating: 4

Wow. NOT the coaster to ride after MF. Boooring. A loop, two corkscrews, done. I'm glad I went on it only because I like to go on everything, but this thing has served its purpose, I'm sure. Similar to BGT's Python, scrap it and move on. Next please.

7) Super Himalaya--Rides: 1--Wait time: 2 mins--Rating: 5

Your typical himalaya ride. I liked it. Spinning in circles is always a good time. It's always been one of the tamer spinny rides, but that doesn't make it bad. The seatbelts were a nice touch too, unlike the seatbeltless Music Express of HersheyPark and BGW's Trade Wind. My friend didn't get squashed quite as bad with the belts. ::grin::

8) Magnum XL-200--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 8

It was a lot of fun. I liked how it was hidden in the back so that I couldn't really see it before I rode it. More thrilling that way. Nice view of the water just like on MF, and nice airtime on the hills. The tunnels and the pretzel loop at the farthest point were nice touches. All in all, a great experience but nowhere near as enjoyable as MF.

9) Witches' Wheel--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 7

Ok ok, I'll admit it, I have a soft spot for these enterprise rides. Especially since they're being removed from a lot of parks as they're getting old and creaky. The way the car goes upside down and shakes always freaks me out a bit, which is good. Unfortunately, I went on it after it rained for a bit, so my sneakers were slipping and sliding and I couldn't brace myself, lol. It seemed a little slower than other enterprises I've been on though (R.I.P. HersheyPark's Cyclops). Also, I guess I haven't been on an enterprise in a while because I don't remember the annoying waiting time at the end of the ride when the operator has to let you out of the car. But it's one of my favorite flat rides, always.

10) Monster--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 8

I love this ride! I've always loved these octopus things since I was little, and I apparently haven't been on one in that long because me and my friend hardly fit in the thing! GREAT tummy tickling, nice speed, nice spinny motion. Hanging around at the beginning and end of the ride as the loading and unloading takes place could be bothersome, but hey it's not so bad. I wish there were more of these in other parks like there used to be. Remember the Spider in BGW and the Monstrous Mamba in BGT? Defunct now, yuk.

11) Gemini--Rides: 1--Wait time: 15 mins--Rating: 7

Why don't I remember anything about this ride? I know it was a steel dueling coaster with some exciting drops and turns. I liked it. I do remember that coming up the hill after the first drop, everyone wanted to slap hands for some reason which I'd imagine is breaking some ride regulation. I also remember a guy shouting to his friend "Put your hands up!" I tend not to do that because I don't feel like sliding left and right and getting beat up by the coaster. I can get my airtime by comfortably holding the bar or just by going on MF. But my own quirks aside, I liked Gemini but didn't see a reason to ride again.

12) Cedar Creek Mine Ride--Rides: 1--Wait time: 15 mins--Rating: 3

I hate mine train coasters. I always have. Why? Because the cars are super tiny and the restraint always tries to make me impotent. I thought I could comfortably straddle the bar since I was a single rider this time but no, the operator wouldn't have it. So I had to wedge myself into the thing. I'm sure it would've been fun if every twist and turn didn't make every guy on board cry out in pain. Horrible.

13) Cedar Downs--Rides: 3--Wait times: 0 mins, 2 mins, 0 mins--Rating: 8

What a nice surprise! This ride was a lot of fun, and that's saying a lot from a guy who considers carousels wimpy rides. I enjoyed laughing at my friend as my horse outraced his and shouting angrily at him when his outraced mine. Plus it was starting to rain around this time, and I'd take a carousel ride over getting drenched anyday. Nice innovative ride, CP.

14) Midway Carousel--Rides: 1--Wait time: 2 mins--Rating: 5

Might as well do the other carousel too. Eh, it was ok. They're all the same right? It was interesting to watch the two girls in front of me horse hopping though.

15) Disaster Transport--Rides: 1--Wait time: 15 mins--Rating: 9

Now before going to CP I heard nothing but bad things about this ride. Why? Sure it's a stretch to call it a roller coaster. It's essentially like PKD's Avalanche bobsled ride, only in the dark. Which makes it pretty thrilling if you ask me. Not knowing when it's going to drop you and spin you on your side. Some lighting and strobe effects throwin in to disorient you. I got off this ride very pleasantly surprised. It may not have theming, but does anything in CP? ::grin::

16) Chaos--Rides: 1--Wait time: 5 mins--Rating: 9

I love this ride. I love it in HersheyPark and I love it here. It's super disorienting. Starts out spinning you slow, and then WHAM! Cars allowed to rotate freely, sending you upside down in ways you never thought possible. I can never avoid having a look of panic on my face on Chaos. I think CP's version is better because it seemed to me it goes higher. If you pass Chaos by in search of a coaster for thrills you're missing something.

17) Ocean Motion--Rides: 1--Wait time: 2 mins--Rating: 5

Whatever. It's a boat swing. Boat swings don't do much for me. I sat all the way on the left side. Felt a little tummy tickle sensation. Next.

18) Raptor--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 10

Beautiful ride! I love inverted coasters, but this one takes the cake. Great first loop followed by a barrel roll. There were other inversions but I was having too much fun screaming to remember them. Fast, fun, love it love it love it!!!

19) Blue Streak--Rides: 1--Wait time: 0 mins--Rating: 6

First off, I went on this in the pouring rain. So it hurt like hell. My fault, but I saw no line soooo.... It was good though. Out and back wooden roller coaster with small hills giving good airtime. On the way back I had to close my eyes a lot because of the force of the rain but it was the same as going out. Good though unremarkable classic coaster.

That's it for Day 1. We ate in Midway Market which was a great place to sit down and relax. Buffets are the best place for fat guys anyway, lol. Top Thrill Dragster was down so I didn't get a chance to ride it. Not even any cars were tested. I hoped that it would be open the next day. But a woman who sat next to me on MF said I wasn't missing much. That it's a one-trick-pony ride that isn't worth the wait and is nowhere near as fun as MF. I don't doubt her, though it still stands impressive and being the perfectionist that I am, I hoped the next day I could ride it.

Day 2 (6/13)

1) Calypso--Rides: 1--Waiting time: 5 mins--Rating: 2

This was awful. How is this ride different from a scrambler? The sloping floor? I thought this ride was silly and it wasn't a good way to start out the day. Even less thrilling than a scrambler if that's possible.

2) Cadillac Cars--Rides: 1--Waiting time: 5 mins--Rating: 4

Ah, the cars. My friend wanted to go on them more than I did. I usually pass car rides by without a second glance. They were ok. I just think they're soooo slow. Not just in CP, in all parks that I've been to that has them. HersheyPark's Twin Turnpike, BGW's LeMans Raceway, PKD's Blue Ridge Tollway, yawn yawn yawn. And why does CP have three different car rides? Cadillac Cars and Antique Cars look identical to me. But it's good for the kids, I'm sure.

3) Power Tower--Rides: 1--Waiting time: 30 mins--Rating: 7

It was alright. I went on the one that drops you from 250 feet in the air. I was a little nervous for this one but for the wrong reason. Where are the handles on the safety restraints? I saw about a half a dozen people grabbing at their harnesses to no avail as they were being lifted upward. I managed to find a way to grasp them but still. The view was beautiful. The suspense kills you though, lol. I walked off the ride a little shaky but it was cool. I didn't have it on me to be thrusted up the 250 feet though. I've been on Doctor Doom's Fearfall in IOA and hated the feeling when you got to the top and your body wanted to keep on going. No thanks. Oh yeah, forgot to mention...while we were waiting at the top to be dropped, a test car was sent up on TTD.

My friend and I sat on a bench in front of TTD for 15 mins hoping it would open, but to no avail. Onward!

4) Monster--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 8

Second ride on this baby and I still love it. Though I had to wait for people loading for 10 mins in an awkward position after I got on the ride. Grr. Had to skip the Witches' Wheel because somebody puked on the ride and the reactions of the people trying to get off the ride made everyone leave the line.

5) Mean Streak--Rides: 1--Wait time: 1 hr--Rating: 4

Wow, it looks so intimidating and thrilling! Wow, it's absolutely horrible once you ride it! No thrills. None. Are there any drops on this, besides the first mediocre one bigger than 5 feet? Thankfully, I didn't get as beaten up on this one as I've heard from posters in the past. But it was a colossal waste of time IMO.

6) CP & LE Railroad--Rides: 1--Wait time: 5 mins--Rating: 5

That's right, I'm rating the railroad higher just to spite Mean Streak, lol. While we were in the area, we wanted to go on White Water Landing, but the wait looked ridiculous. Over 1 hr for a log flume? Nuh uh. The skeletons dancing and whatnot were cheesy but the train got us where we wanted to go. It was alright because it took you through more isolated parts of the park where you can't walk to. Back to the MF area where there were a bunch of coasters I missed getting on the first day.

7) Mantis--Rides: 1--Wait time: 2 hrs--Rating: 7

Why was the waiting time for this 2 hrs? I wouldn't wait 2 hrs for MF. Heck, I would've been annoyed to wait 2 hrs for TTD if it was open. The guy at the entrance said 1 hr wait and THAT annoyed me. But oh well. I wanted to get on it so I waited the whole time. The songs that they were playing in the line started repeating I waited so long, lol. The safety restraints on this weren't so bad. I was only in pain from standing so long on line that I wanted to sit. Stand-up coasters are strange: you're trained to not stand on rides as they're in motion and on this one you can't sit. I've only been on one other stand-up, that being Shockwave in PKD. This one was better. I liked the inversions. It was a little sluggish in spots and nowhere near worth a 2-hr wait. 20 mins would be more reasonable. But hey, I got my stand-up coaster fix.

8) Iron Dragon--Rides: 1--Wait time: 5 mins--Rating: 6

Umm...well the mist looked interesting. But seriously, it wasn't such a bad ride. It moved you around and gave a little thrills at the end when it went through the mist and snaked its way back to the station. It was easy on the head and neck which is more than I can say for the only other suspended coaster I've been on, Big Bad Wolf in BGW. But it didn't have the thrills of the BBW either so....

9) Chaos--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 9

I was spoiled from the day before. Now Disaster Transport's line was out the door, Blue Streak's was big, Wicked Twister was down due to mechnical problems. So my trusty Chaos was my next stop. Thrilling as always with a funny moment. When we got to the top, one girl commented that the ride was boring. Then the cars started to flip. Hehe.

10) Wildcat--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 8

What a fun little ride! It's sorta wild mouseish but not as hairpinny if you can figure out what I mean, lol. I enjoyed it a lot, especially since I went on by myself on this ride and they needed a single rider, so I got to bypass about 20 people waiting. Quick and exciting ride.

11) Millennium Force--Rides: 1--Wait time: 1 hr--Rating: 10

Still awesome of course. Just love the airtime and the speed. I wait for the day when this ride will be a walk-on, probably never though.

12) Magnum XL-200--Rides: 1--Wait time: 10 mins--Rating: 7

Knocked it down one notch in rating because for some reason the second time around it was waaaaay too rough. A guy behind me commented about the roughness too. But it's still a nice ride, especially as the last ride.

And that was the last of the 2nd day spent at CP. We ate at the Midway Market again because we liked it so much the day before. As I waited on the line for my last ride on Magnum, they sent a train up on TTD, but the park closed in a half-hour so I knew they would not open it. No big deal. It gives me a reason to come back. I don't like waiting in lines, so in a few years when I decide to go back, the lines should be shorter for it. Rides like Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler, Thunder Canyon, White Water Landing, Snake River Falls, Antique Cars, Turnpike Cars, Wave Swinger, Sky Ride, Dodgem, Space Spiral, and Giant Wheel were all rides that I could or did do at other parks, so I didn't wanna waste too much time going on them here.

Overall, I think Cedar Point is a great park. While not quite as nice looking as HersheyPark and BGW, the rides are good and it's easy to get around. It isn't my favorite park after my two-day visit, but it's in my top 5. I would definitely recommend anyone to go who's primarily a ride junkie like myself and/or likes the beach. Aside from that, there's not too much there to do IMO. Thanks for taking the time to read about my trip. I should be posting my report about HersheyPark soon.

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Monday, June 23, 2003 9:57 PM
That TR was awesome It was cool to hear about the other CP attractions!
Tuesday, June 24, 2003 8:13 AM
I am a little confused on the Gemini Thing though. I know I've been away a while but I'm pretty sure it's a Woodie. I know it's a smoth one but I still think it's a wooden Coaster. The first Record breaker For CP if I'm not mistaken.
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 5:13 AM
Never been to CP, but if memory serves, Gemini is a steel coaster with wooden supports. I'm pretty sure that the track itself is steel which, in most people's minds, makes it a steel coaster. Your mileage may vary of course :)

Thanks for the TR! I'm heading out to CP for the first time mid-july (not a weekend, but I'm sure lines will still be long) and looking forward to it more than ever now!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003 5:32 AM
beast7369's avatar Most people call a coaster a steel if it rides on steel tracks. Whether or not it is supported by wood does not matter. Otherwise many mine train coasters would be considered woodies.

Also there are plenty of steel supported woodies out there. One of them being the famous Coney Island Cyclone.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 5:45 AM
joe.'s avatar Tom Servo is correct.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 6:08 AM
nice TR, although i get the feeling ur quite impatient lol


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