Music from Houdini's Great Escape

Friday, July 25, 2003 5:47 AM
Clutching at straws here, but does anyone know the name of the music used on Houdini's Great Escape, the Vekoma Mad House? I rode the one in Bellwearde which I assume is the same as the one(s) in America, and if I remember one thing about it was the fantastic music.

I heard it ages ago waiting for a film to start too at a cinema, so know it isn't one composed especially for the attraction.

Any help appreciated

Friday, July 25, 2003 9:34 AM
During the ride itself, the music is a part of "River" by "Ennio Morricone".

The exterior of the ride is very different of the American rides, but the inside is exactly the same. Except for the Dutch/French translation ofcourse.

Bellewaerde Park is only a 30 minute drive for me :-)
Be sure to visit the park next season...something big is coming.

Friday, July 25, 2003 9:56 AM
Wow, thanks Belgian. To be honest, I didn't expect an answer, and it was the ride music I was after, so thanks.

I quite liked the ride. Not the best in terms of effects or anything, but the storyline seemed to work really well.

I would like to re-visit - I remember it not being far from the Channel Tunnel (feel free to correct me!), so could do a trip to Disney/Asterix and then Bellewearde.


Friday, July 25, 2003 12:36 PM
It's near Ypres, in the absolute west of Belgium, near France. So visiting it when you come off the Channel Tunnel is easy and affordable.
I suggest you try to visit both Bellewaerde and Bobbejaanland next season. I'm sure you heard of the Gerstlauer Eurofighter and Giant Frisbee coming to Bobbejaanland. So that one is worth a visit too.
I visited 5 English parks two weeks ago, now it's your turn to come to Belgium ;-)

I like Houdini too, but I think it's a bit too empty...that's the main reason I like Merlin's Magic Castle so much.
My top 3 madhouses are:
1) Hex, Alton Towers
2) Merlin, Six Flags Holland
3) The Haunting, Drayton Manor
The third one may be small, but I like the story and the preshows. Especially the second one with the cool ceiling effect ;-)


Friday, July 25, 2003 12:45 PM
Hi Belgian,

Right-o. Thanks for the tips. I will make sure I visit those - will have to get the map out and see how I can best do a European tour.

Regarding Houdini, I agree that the room is very bare. Have you done Villa Volta? The room on this one is beautiful.

Hex is great. The room is very well themed, and the effects (especailly when 'upside-down') are excellent.

I like some of the effects on Hotel Embarjo at Movie World (there's an animatronic and a great effect right at the start), but it has no music and is very bare other than that.

I haven't done Merlin (they were still building it when I visited), and wanted to do the one at Six Flags Belgium, but it was sadly closed.

I will make sure that I visit both Bellewaerde and Bobbejaanland next season. I keep wanting to go on trips to Europe, but with the ECC they're all a bit pricey at the moment, so I'm trying to do my own trips. I did Movie World a few months ago, and want to do Port Aventura before the season ends.

How did you find the UK? Did you like Thorpe Park? That's my local park.

Friday, July 25, 2003 1:01 PM
I just got on two of these rides a few weeks ago. I got on one at Six Flags New England and then one at Six Flags Great Adventure. I liked it quite a bit and it was the first ride to actually make me feel a little sick. Such a neat ride. I think it is greatly themed, and I too was wondering about the music.
Friday, July 25, 2003 1:40 PM
I liked Thorpe Park alot. The entrance is cool, it's like you're going onto an island.
I like the boats too, the ones that transport you to the Thorpe Farm. Great place to stay for a while and have a hotdog or something.
I also visited Chessington, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor and Blackpool. I was impressed by the size of Alton Towers and the theme of their hotel (yes, I stayed at the Alton Towers Hotel for a night)
The other parks are all different too, but I liked the fact that Drayton, Chessington and Thorpe all have a zoo/farm too. Today, children from the big cities don't even know what a cow is for example and such interactive and educating "attractions" are a great addition to any park.

"Zan-Zar's Magic Chamber" is the name of the madhouse at Six Flags Belgium. It's a blurry story, but basically the ride goes as follows:
There's a young guy and his monkey, who stole a magic lamp of some weird wizzard. When the monkey he tries to escape (out of the house), he rubs the lamp and a ghost comes out. You can't see the ghost, but you can see where he is (some effects). He is the one who then turns the house upside down and such.
Very good theme actually, but not worked out very well. I still don't get the ending of the ride.....

Maybe you should do a little tour starting at Mickey's place ;-), to Astérix, then Bellewaerde, Bobbejaanland and then Six Flags Holland. And continue to Heide-Park in Germany.
Then you could take a flight from Hannover to London with Ryanair or something.
BTW, feel free to e-mail me for more questions and I'll be happy to answer them. ( ) We're getting a little bit off-topic here.



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