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Alright, this was a couple weeks back, so some of the details might be a little off.

Friday morning we drive into Orlando, check in at the Portofino, and are at IoA by 1 ish. Got through all the rides in about 3 hours (room key+ front of the line access). I'm not going to bore you with all of the IoA stuff, just because you've all heard it a thousand times, except there were a few changes.

Dudley Do-Right (Ripsaw Falls)- The modifications were not much. There are a couple of waterguns added to the end that people on the bridge pay money to shoot you wit, and they added the same to Popeye. I really couldn't tell what was different about the drop, but it felt a little different, and it also seemedd like we were closer to hitting the hut you go under (although that could just be in my head). One problem on the ride, the waterfall that normally opens up when you go under it, didn't open, so we got soaked. The second time the waterfall wasn't even on. They painted a good deal of the ride, and the stolen train idea from Mr. Toad was finally working again.

The Hulk seemed to be launching pretty quickly this day.

At about 4, I decided to hop over to City Walk and cath Hellboy, planning to go back to IoA and get some night rides after. At about 6:10 mybrother and dad decide to stay in city walk, and I'll go to IoA. We were to meet up at the hotel at 9. I get to IoA, and no!!!! (but luckily) they closed early for some college event without any warning. I'm really upset, as I was looking foward to my night rides. As I walk over to city walk to find my family, I see a guy walking around in a Mummy T-Shirt. Coult it really be open? I wasn't taking any chances. I call my dad and we run over to Universal. We asked the lady at the entrance if it was open, she politely said "no." Well, we were there anyways, so we ran over to see the old Kong Building, and it was open. We didn't bother putting the comic books we bought at IoA in a looker, we placed them behind a trash bin (and they stolen) and flashed our room keys! "What no front- of the line access yet? It's not done?" Ok, whatever, I dragged my spoiled ass into the regular line. I didn't bother doing the much shorter single rider line because I wanted to see if the line was all it was cracked up to be.

The sign said 35 minutes. The first half of the line is just a normal indoor cheap line, and we ran right thogh it. Was this that great line? No. We followed the path back outside, passing right by where the line started. This is where the line gets good. You first enter a room which appears to be a storage room, with costumes and props from the movie. There's a video playing about how the set is cursed, but as long as you have the "Maji" you will be safe. You then enter a small plain hallway that I'm assumong was not finished yet. There were signs up saying that you are going on the technical rehersal- and some effects will not be complete. The hall ends, and this is where the line gets good, except the first part was somewhat of a disappointment. You walk into a small and low-ceilinged (is that a word?) tomb. In the center of room i the giant Pyramid. Actually, its not giant at all like some people have made it seem. It's about the size of your standard desktop computer. If you put your hand on it, the lights flicker, but its barely noticable. Every once in a while it proojects a red light which unveils some previously invisible hyeroglyphics on the wall. You keep walking thorugh. There's this little tv/camera thing that didn't seem to be working very well. You pass by the pyramid once more, and you turn left. But take aminute, and tun right. This is where that incredibly real looking hologram of treasure is. Grab it, and you are sprayed with air. It was an extremely cool effect, except no one else noticed it. In fact, its almost hidden, you really have to look for it. The next (and final) room is a much bigger tomb (2 floors). This really seems like an a dig. You walk over some wooden bridges and air sprays up at you. After a few turns, your looking up at a huge egyptian wolf/cat thing (I think it's called Anubis) It is on this lever type thing that I think is eventually supposed to move up and down. Up the stairs. You see the statue again. Choice- Left or Right) allthough the left looks shorter, the right is, and you get a cool view of the tomb if you take the right. Anyways, the three of use are put in the front seat (this scares me, as I am also on an end). Oh, by the way, the trains are very similar to those of S:TE (wow, we haven't used that abbreviation in a while lol) Line score= 9.8 out of 10- no express yet, and the beginning is a little dull. I think this line is pretty much equivelant to that of Dueling Dragons, although this is more original. Although Kong still might have had the best line of all time, but this is a wrothy replacement.

Ok, so were on the the right train, and the first real thrill come before you even leave the station. The left car is coming right at you. You suddenly stop, and the transfer track kicks in, and the left leaves first. Now I'm getting really nervous.

I'm extremely sorry that I have to do this, but..... I'll finish this up later because I have a huge term paper to write. Should right part II tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned for part II- the actual ride.

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Sorry, the next half won't be till tomorrow.

Defeat the Enemy. Vote for Kerry in 2004!
Wow, I type all that up, and get no replies. JK. Ummm... I'm extremely busy, should have the second part up by the end of the week. Sorry!!!! :(

Defeat the Enemy. Vote for Kerry in 2004!
The reason why we are not replying is because we are all extremely jealous.
Sounds like a awsome line(or queue(spelling?)). I didn't know about the transfer track and the gusts of air. Im jealous. How long was the wait and did you get to choose your seat(besides the front) or did a ride op tell you where to sit. Good thing you went in eventhough the lady said no(obviously that is good).Good Description.
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The ops really get my applause...

Staying in character AND keeping the lines moving is important, and they really did help "make the experience". Seats were assigned. You *could* ask for a front row seat, but it really isn't a big deal on the ride, the visuals seemed about equal from all seats.

Next time I go, I'll be sure and use the regular line to check out the queue theming....we bypassed most of it, being that we didn't have alot of time.

bill, happy to hear that Dudley was left *basically intact*...neutering that drop, IMO, would mean the end of an era in flumes, it really is THAT good.

P.S. It is really hard for me to try and not *divulge* anything of note about Mummy....let's just say, ya really have to RIDE it...:)

Stitch said:
low-ceilinged (is that a word?) tomb.

No. "low ceiling" would be the correct spelling. I hope you proofread your paper (or have someone else do it), as you had a ton of mistakes in your trip report. Good luck.
O...k Where is part 2???!!!

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