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I was wondering, can you control multiple stations on manuel operation? I have tried to find this on the no limits site but i cant find it(if it is there)
You aren't able to use two stations in No Limits. If you wish to make a racing coaster, you just have to make it mobius and have a block for the other station.
for the dragster coaster i downloaded there are 2 stations and 2 operation things, but i dont know how to use the second one. So is there a way to use the other one?
What file are you referring to? The creator may have hacked into the game to allow for a second station, but stictly speaking, the simulator is programmed to only allow for 1 station on a track.
I also downloaded a two stationed version of Dragster. It was on CG though, so it is probably non-existent at this point.

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What are you people talking about??? You can have two stations on a ride! However, you can only control the first station created (I think that's how it works). The other station relies solely on the timing you have set in the settings for that station segment. There is no hacking or anything involved, you just simply add another station segment. It is rather hard to get the trains to race, though, but in the most recent update they added a way to sort of synchronize the stations.
i have download 2 different dragster ones and they both had 2 stations

here are the links to them:

Guys,in one of the updates it lets you have 2 stations!

but how do i control the other station?

Here is the deal, you are capable of putting in as many stations as you like ! You can even synchronize them by checking the box in the station properties dialog. The program puts a train on every station and possible other trains are behind station 1. The only manually controlled station is station 1.

When doing so, the stations are no longer in sync. NoLimits also needs several rounds to completely synchronize all trains.


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