Mt. Olympus or Michigan's Adventure on a SATURDAY (tomorrow 7-2)

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Anyone have any insight? I usually don't do parks on Saturday, but wondering which of these two may have shorter lines. Both are kinda the same distance from my home (Chicago) and me and my new coaster buddy, Beth, want to go to one of them tomorrow.

edit - The park offers a night time event from 10-1am, has anyone been to this? I've had some pretty horrible experience at the park (well, only been there 3 times) in terms of rides not open, and lack of service. Zues and Hades are in pretty poor condition, but the drive can be worth Cyclops if the ride is actually open...

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My friends have all said that Timbers is running fabulous this year. Haven't heard much at all about the condition of the wood in the Dells....either way, tell Beth I said hi! :)

I'll never forget taking my buddy to Mt. O for his first time there and having the back seat on Cyclops roped off...that was a bummer.

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^When/why was the back seat roped off, Bill? I wouldn't go if that were the case.

I rode Timbers first year it was open, nice but very bouncy and a little painful. We're thinking about going for Cyclops.

Does anyone know about the lines at the park on a Saturday?

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It's been my experience that Mt. O doesn't really do "routine maintenance", it's something that happens...occasionally. Shame, too, since they could easily have one of the best wood-coaster collections in the country, and the acclaim that goes with it.

Seats roped off is what happens when you don't have spare trains and don't have wood-coaster maintenance people on the payroll - I've seen that on multiple occasions.

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Timbers is running the best it has since opening year. I'd go there. I never found it to be "bouncy" though, so not sure what you'll think of it. It's not smooth as glass, but not like The Voyage in that department right now. However the speed and airtime are back to full potential. In fact there's even more airtime in a couple of spots than I ever experienced back in its early years.

All I hear about the Dells recently is that the coasters have gone to crap and even Avalanche/Hell Cat at Timber Falls is disappointing (if you've ridden it before) since it rarely has a full train anymore and you're limited to how many times you can ride it with the POP now.

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Went to Mt. Olympus 3 weeks ago. Cyclops back seat was open. Be sure to bring your swimsuit Poseioden's Fury is amazing. 8 ft waves where with a bit of practice you can body surf the whole length of the pool.

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