Mt. Olympus adding couple new addtitions

Mt. Olympus is adding a new ride this year, called Almighty Hermes. It's being built over Poseidon's Rage, it will be opening on Memorial Day weekend. I almost to say it's a coaster, a sky-coaster. I didn't ask ride ticket prices.

They are adding a preffered parking lot. It will not be on top the hill. It's gonna be at the bottom of the hill. They are looking at a real big year with attendence. The last coupkle times I've been up there, they have been busy.

I got this straight from the owner yesterday(3/7/09). Nothing yet on thier website.

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Not that I doubt this at all. Wonder what Almighty Hermes is.

They are moving the Sky Coaster from Extreme World to this park.

It's now offical, it's now on their website.

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