Mt. Olympus 05-26-07

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I had high hopes for this park, a new woodie, some other good looking woodies, and quite a park to enjoy. My girlfriend and I arrived at the park for day four of our trip. Hades was looming over the parking lot, my excitement level climed. We paid the $33 a piece to ride all-day. We walked around the woodies and through the park. We decided to do the inside stuff first. The Zamperla mouse was actually kinda fun, I hadn't been on one before. We then walked to Pegasus, I was surprised to find a station built for three bench PTC trains, 3-cars, but a four car two-bench train taking up the station. The ride attendant let us onto the loading platform and then walked down the exit ramp for nearly five minutes. Several of the other passangers began asking us where he went, we didn't know. Pegasus was a fun, very fast roller coaster. I was a little worried at time that the cars would three wheel around the corners often.
From there we went to cyclops, a very intense coaster that if it wern't for the seatbelt, everyone in the last car would have gone sailing on the giant downward curve. I noticed that the last car in the train had been removed some time ago.
I was up for Hades, the new ride! The two of us started walking up the entrance ramp when a large group of teenagers came running up behind us, two of the kids began kicking our shoes and stepping on them, they then jumped the rail fence and ran up next to the non-fenced in ride area. One kid touch the catwalk to keep himself from falling on one of the rocks as he was running toward the entrance. The group then jumped the rail fence again and went up to the station. Not a half a minute after the last kid jumped the fence the train came flying through the area at high speed. I was so upset that I couldn't speak. I didn't feel like getting in a fight with these kids so I didn't say anything right away to the ride-ops. We boarded the train and set out for a journey that was amazing, right up until the last turn when I got smacked in the face by a tree. After the ride the group of kids ran down the exit stairs and started to head back toward the entrance when they decided to jump the fence again and run UNDER the roller coaster, this time actually going into an area where they could definatly get hurt. No one said a thing to them.
We went to Zeus and my girlfriend talked me into letting an operator know. I notified the girl running the Zeus coaster that the group of kids that were screwing around on the Hades platform just cut-through the ride area. All she did was look over and shrug her shoulders. I became furious. How can a park operate like this, allowing things to happen, not securing their rides! We took our ride on Zeus and that ride was a rough piece of junk, maybe it's all the plants growing on the ride and deteriorating it. I didn't enjoy having to duck the vines on the return run so I wouldn't get strangled.
After getting off the ride we noticed the kids up on the Hades platform on the exit side. They were standing on the open side of the platform while the ride was operating. Two of them kept leaning over the railing and looking at us and snickering. I stayed back to avoid being spit on. After another trip on the coaster they came down the stairs and gave us strange looks.
I spoke with a manager after fifteen minutes of calming myself down. She assured me that she would talk to the ride attendents TOMARROW about such things. I then asked her if these delapidated rides were inspected everyday. She said she didn't know, she thought it was several times a year. I had noticed the rotting wood on several of the rides, and that none of the rides had been inspected by the state this year. The manager then told me that people shouldn't be IN the ride area, and that it was wrong of them. She then walked away. We left and drove to Chicago a day early.

-Congo Falls - 90 rides (one day) -Murder of the Orient Express (1980-2003)
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Sounds like a typical day at Mt. Olympus. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Its ok though, they can't be sued because they dont have insurance.

Similar thing happened to me when I went there last year, with kids running around like crazy doing whatever they wanted. Something bad is going to happen there if they don't get serious about security.

Please wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop. Push down, then pull up on your lap bar. Thank and enjoy the rest of your day at CoasterBuzz.

Did you go to Timber Falls to ride Avalanche?

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