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You may have to look around, but there is a story on that video link about park safety.

This video really pulled me two ways. One, I felt for the victims and families that went through these unfortuante tragidies.

But, it also really pissed me off. When ever you leave your house, there is risk. In a perfect world, bad things wouldn't happen to innocent people, but unfortunately it does. i ride many of park rides per year, and even with the best maintence and saftey records, malfunctions could happen. I know this and ride anyways.

People say that air travel is one of the safetest ways to travel. And while I don't like it, I agree. More people (adults and childeren) are killed ever year in airplane accidents than are killed at amusement parks.

I am glad to hear the statement from six flags KK in the video about taking care of the girl and her family. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT bashing victims.

In this world, we always have to blame somebody. the ride ops, the manufacturer, the maintence crew. Sometimes sh*t happens. I get my car inspected every year, but it a tie rod end snaps while I am going 60mph, I'm screwed.

I'm gonna stop typing now so I dont come off as a complete @$$, the part of the video suggesting in general the rides were not safe just rubbed me the wrong way. *** Edited 5/17/2008 11:04:25 PM UTC by Gary B***

gary b
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^ This isn't a sh*t happens situation. It was preventable, there is most certainly someone to blame, and that girl deserves every penny she gets.


You are totally misunderstanding me. I said I am happy six flags statement said they wanted to make sure she was taken care of for life, and I said I wasnt bashing victims.

If you watch the video, I think it attacks the amusement park industry, and makes us believe the parks are not safe.

I believe that for the most part, the rides are very safe, and most injuries are rider error.

Now in the SFKK case, I know its a case of ride malfunction, and what a horrible situation it is. That poor girl will never be the same again.

So, kpjb, I hope I clarified that I was upset with how the video painted a picture of the whole industry being unsafe. *** Edited 5/19/2008 2:17:02 AM UTC by Gary B***

gary b
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You don't need to be a dick. I'm sure he can read just fine.

And for the record, there is no video to be watched on a Mac.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

I was just upset over the video attack on the industry. I think that sometimes we forget that there is a risk in everything we do, and I feel that that risk was made to look much much worse than it actually is. *** Edited 5/18/2008 3:03:47 AM UTC by Gary B*** *** Edited 5/19/2008 2:17:55 AM UTC by Gary B***

gary b
Jeff: What do you mean there is no video to be watched on a Mac? Not only did it play fine on my Mac, it even automatically switched over to a report on the Yo-Yo collapse out in California. Do you have the latest version of Flash Player installed? It IS crappy Flash video.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Worked fine on my Mac too!

I presume this Markey fellow is a Liberal. Excuse me for bringing politics into this, but this is another example of Liberals taking advantage of people whose lives have been ruined for one reason or another for their own personal political gain. I know that may look like a Rush Limbaugh rant, but the industry does a decent job of regulating itself, and Markey is using this poor girl to once again grow the size of our ridiculously large Federal Government.


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Of course I have the latest version of Flash. I'm showing non-crappy H.264 via Flash on PointBuzz.

Talking out of your ass again, Sam. You want to neatly categorize people as bad or good. Being liberal has nothing to do with being a moron. In fact, Markey of all people is one of the few standing up for network neutrality, so your sorry ass can come on here and bitch about liberals just as fast as you can on other sites.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

It bugs me that they are more worried about the accidents than making sure the rides are functioning well to begin with. Stop worrying about the accidents, but make sure that Superman Power of Tower doesn't have a faulty cable on it.

Make inspectors check the rides more often would be a much better solution to this problem. Hire more inspectors that are qualified.

It sounds like they can't wait to say that at Kentucky Kingdom, they have had 20 accidents (They haven't had 20 accidents, and I'm just giving a number.), and thus you shouldn't go there. How about going to Cedar Point where they had blah accidents which is a lot less than 20? Thus Cedar Point is a safer park.

Give me a break about the toddler in the shopping cart. That is pretty stupid to compare that to an amusement park ride!! Do parents ride the Hampton's motorcycle all the time in which they can stop the kid from doing something like trying to get off the ride? I don't think so.

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments
So you are bashing me for agreeing with you?

I can't speak of Net Neutrality, as I don't even really know about that issue, but when it comes to this issue, Markey is being a classic Liberal. Maybe I've been a Rush Limbaugh fan for too many years, but I don't think this is the first time a politician has appeared to take advantage of an innocent victim for personal political gain.

Maybe Markey is doing some good things. That doesn't mean I have to like him when it comes to this issue. I don't particularly like John McCain either, but I still plan on voting for him.

Jeff, you are correct in that being a moron and being a liberal are not necessarily linked. I'm willing to bet that there are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle that are idiots. To me, it just appears that you see liberals taking advantage of innocent victims, the poor, or unfortunate events a little more often than conservatives. I am not calling Liberals evil or Conservatives good. Back in college, it seems that for a time I got along better with the liberals than my fellow conservatives.

Anyway, the Federal Government is too large as it is, and the last thing we need is more growth. The problem is that under all three leading Presidential candidates, we will probably continue to see the Federal government grow, and continue to waste our tax dollars.


EDIT: Fixed mistake pointed out by Ensign Smith

*** Edited 5/19/2008 3:53:27 PM UTC by Avalanche Sam***

Avalanche Sam said:
I'm willing to bet that there are plenty of people on both sides of the isle that are idiots.

Which isle would that be? Cyprus? Fantasy? Gilligan's? Yeah, those Howells sure seemed stupid for lugging a month's worth of wardrobe changes on a three hour tour (although it ended up being a lucky move!) But the Professor -- I dunno, that was awfully smart, making that coconut radio. So I don't know if I agree with you or not.

(This post provided by a card-carrying member of the ACLU and it godless minions.)

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Oops, I typed isle instead of aisle. It has been fixed.


Avalanche Sam said:
To me, it just appears that you see liberals taking advantage of innocent victims, the poor, or unfortunate events a little more often than conservatives.

Excuse me while we veer off topic here, but on what the hell do you base that? I can give you plenty of examples of Conservatives taking advantage of individuals for their own gain. ("Support Our Troops" ring a bell?)

It seems to me that politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are pretty good at taking advantage of people. And any claim that one side does it more than another reeks of, well, a Rush Limbaugh viewer.


Ensign Smith said:

(This post provided by a card-carrying member of the ACLU and it godless minions.)

I hope you're not in the habit of whipping that card out of your wallet in ride queues. :)

I wrote that it appears that way. How often do you see Conservatives at a campaign rally give stories about down and out people who will supposedly be helped by more government programs? In my opinion, not very often. But when I hear or see a Liberal speak, it seems like they often give an example of John Smith or Jane Doe who has to choose between food and prescription drugs because the evil corporations won't give them a break.

Sure, you see Conservatives also exploit people for their own personal gain. It just seems as though it is less often than liberals. Or it might just be less obvious with Conservatives.


Or maybe it's that Conservatives couldn't care less about regular old people? That they don't have any John Doe to use because they don't do anything for the every day man.

I mean, if we're going to make outlandish claims, I might as well go there.


Yeah, it's a shame that Markey has become the Voice of Reason on net neutrality when he's such an idiot on his other pet causes (amusement rides and nuclear power both jump immediately to mind).

I wish he would put as much effort into the net neutrality as he has put into screwing up amusement ride safety!

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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In my opinion, the fallacy is thinking that there are separate liberal and conservative camps to begin with...particularly when you get into politics. There may have been a time when those labels held more meaning, but our society and system of politics has become so convoluted, that there is little difference between the two "parties" these days.

And I have seen just about everyone exploit other's emotions in order to make a point or gain acceptance. It is the human condition.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

RGB: For what purpose? To reel off stats about the 13th amendment to impress them with my knowledgeability? Anyway, ACLU membership doesn't come with automatic gravy stains, unlike certain other clubs. ;)

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A club without gravy stains and fanny packs is no club I want to be a part of.

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