Mr. Twister before reprofiled? Anyone have pictures?

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After the helix the train rose up and over a bunny hop, dove into a tunnelled turn around, over another bunny hop (maybe two), and into the brake run.

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the video swampfoxer put up says 1965. Which is the first year of the revised layout, second year of operation. Everyone who I know that got to ride it was *very* impressed.

rollergator, I was a little unsure as to what year to put on the video. I was looking at and saw the Twister opened:1965, closed:1965, so I went with that. Now that I look a second time, I see the 1964 on a different link.

So, the original actually opened in 1964 and lasted for 1 season, is this correct? Then the re-design opened in 1965? Unfortunately, the video clip had no date on it.

I'm glad you all enjoyed it nevertheless.

I am absolutely floored by the videos! Thanks for putting them up.

It proves that people were riding with raised arms back then too.

Some of the rides look even more wicked on "video". Check the strangely banked valley transition on Aeroplane.

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Chuck, GCI has achieved a handful of great sustained airtime hills with one each on Ozark Wildcat (in the home stretch), Thunderhead (last third o the ride after the station fly-through) and the second hill on Rumbler, and almost as good is the second hill on Renegade.

I think they could easily reprofile the Rye Airplane Coaster's design a bit to satisfy their comfort zone with thrills. So hopefully TGG will be the ones to bring it back and even better than before. ;)

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Great videos. I love watching the old coasters. Man I wish I could have been around to see, and ride alot of them. At least I was fortunate enough to ride Twister back in 1992.
That video of the Twister's first season should be credited to my longtime friend Clarence Hintze. It is from his extensive collection of older coasters and parks that he shot on 8mm over the years. Along with his late partner, George Berbert, they recorded many of the rides and parks that are no longer here.
I don't suppose Mr. Hintze has any plans to release a DVD of those videos? I know I'd pay good money to get my hands on something like that.
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I hope Messrs. Hintze and Berbert, wherever they are, are smiling that so many people have gotten SUCH enjoyment from those videos. They're absolutely awesome, and provide us a view into the past we never would have had otherwise. For those of us who qualify as "nostalgia freaks", these old videos ARE the next-best-thing to being able to time-travel back and ride these lost classic masterpieces.

MANY thanks to them for recording these rides for posterity, and to swampfoxer for posting them so WE can appreciate that which so obviously made an impression on Mr. Hintze and Mr. Berbert. :)

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This is WONDERFUL stuff! Thanks!!!

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Some of Clarence and Georges's Riverview Park footage is mentioned on Adam Sandy's site ---

I agree ... it would be wonderful if Clarence would leagally authorize someone to create a DVD of his Twister films as well as his other work. His many clips of several lost coasters/parks really are quite spectacular.

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