Mr. Six made a top ten list, but not a good one!

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Burger King gets my vote among the creepiest. I was relieved, however, to see "Smilin' Bob" from the Enzyte ads...apparently one of the side-effects is uncontrollable repulsiveness...

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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His name is Danny Teeson. Under all of that makeup, he is tasty. :)

Edit- Here's another site!

Ok, that first link wasn't that great, but thanks for the second one! I wouldn't kick him outta bed for eatin' crackers! ;)

How about for playing "We Like To Party" over and over? :) Hope he doesn't sound like Mr. Six.

Since the Geico money was mentioned, at PPP, the ops at the Trapeze had a boom box, and they asked me if I wanted to hear Beat It or the Geico song. I guess "Somebody's Watching Me" is more suitable for Halloween. At least they didn't have the whistling tune from the Enzyte commericals. :)

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Tigerman, the first one was just for reference. It says that he played Mr. Six in the commercials. At one time, it was a mystery who was inside all the Mr. Six makeup. It does suck that IMDB doesn't have many photos of Teeson.

Funny thing is that I always found myself oddly attracted to Mr. Six. I couldn't understand it. He is a skinny, old guy. When I saw Teeson, and found out that he was Mr. Six, it all made a little more sense to me. lol

I wouldn't kick him outta bed for eating ANYTHING... ;)

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I almost went to work for an ad agency in South Florida a few years ago who won the Six Flags account (at the time, worth $75 mil). They won it by staging a funeral of Mr. Six. The video they showed me took place in a church with Mr. Six in a coffin and with hired mourners.

Apparently, the creativity won them the account, but I was surprised that they brought him back to life.

Love him or hate him, at least you feel something, which is more than half the battle in advertising.

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That's because those people were idiots. Six Flags finally had a brand that people identified and I think generally liked, which was a nice change from "Six Flags sucks." If they're the people that came up with the screaming Asian guy, that was a poor choice.

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