Mr Six Going Back to the Home?

How many times will Six Flags try to send the old man back Shady Oaks Retirement Home? He's already missing from the new Magic Mountain commercials.

Why is it so hard to keep around a brand icon that people obviously recognize and like?

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I think Six Flags sees it as a double edged sword. Sure, people know him, but what does he really say about the brand? Nothing, as near as I can tell.

Well, recently he's said "more flags more fun" but I personally always preferred him not speaking :)

Mister Six gets deep-sixed. Will a flash crowd dance at his funeral? And will mini-Six be summarily sacrificed as well, so that he may serve his master in the great Six Flags in the Sky? (Oh wait, I forgot -- they sold that one off and it went bankrupt.)

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JoelWhy said:

Why is it so hard to keep around a brand icon that people obviously recognize and like?

Recognize? Yes. Like? Not this rider. I always disliked him and found him terribly annoying. Then he started speaking and that just made it worse...

(Mike lies down on psychiatrist's couch)..Maybe it's because he looks like I probably will in 20 years if I stick around..well, except for the being skinny part, that is...

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Bringing back a "retired" character doesn't happen to unpopular mascots.

Oops... unless they add sailor hats and send them to Japan. Maybe Mr. Six just needs to go abroad and get a new outfit?

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I love Mr. Six. LOVE! Mini Six I can do without. I neither like nor dislike him.

I was sad to see him go last time, and I am just as sad to see him go this time.

"What does Mr. Six stand for?" To me, he represents one who feels like life is getting old, looking tired, weak, and worn out. But he proves to us that even though someone may feel that way, they don't necessarily have to act that way. "Old, worn out, and tired" can find the strength to dance, play, and invite others to do the same.

That Mini Six kid? I don't know what he represents. He's probably just a way to appeal more to the tweeners.

(And Mr. Six without his makeup? YUMMY!)

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Agreed, Travis. I thought he was a great symbol for the chain.

(PLEASE, don't bring back the annoying, offensive, Asian guy...)

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