Mr. Six Flash Mob at CNN Center

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This is a pretty smart way to use the Mr. Six and Little Six characters to get some recognition. They need to do this sort of thing all over the country. Guerilla marketing.

Video from Six Flags via YouTube

Video from CNN's Rick Sanchez via Twitvid

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That's a really good marketing idea. I could watch the old guy dance for hours.

And Mini Six kind of creeps me out. "Island of Dr. Moreau", anyone?

Looks like the kids really like them. I bet all of the kids go home to beg their parents to take them to Six Flags.

Edit - That looks like Danny Teeson in the Mr. Six costume, the guy who plays him in the commercials. Looks like the kid in the commercials too. No fake actors

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My favorites are still the old Mr. Six commercials (Shady Oaks was the best) with the party bus but I've gotta say I'm glad he's back and being used in a big way.

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THIS is good marketing... I wish CF could take note.

I saw the local CP commercial here in Cleveland, and WOW, how horrible.

They need to get rid of whatever marketing company they decided to use. How hard is it to make an AMUSEMENT PARK look FUN?

Six Flags has it right, at least. Mr. Six makes the parks look exciting and fun, with proper video editing of course in the amusement parks.

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Cedar Fair lacks creativity. They don't even try anymore.

For as many problems that the SF chain has faced over the years, creating and then bringing back Mr. Six has been a smart move.

I know that I already said it, but... Did you see how excited the kids in the mall were to see Mr. Six and his little clone? Looks like Mr. Six is not viewed to be as creepy as we think he is.

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The funny thing is that this kind of stunt is actually getting a little played out, but people still get into it. I'm not sure if the video online is going to score a million views since it doesn't have the spontaneous feel to it that "real" flash mobs have, but it's still fun to see.

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